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Apr 29, 2012 08:14 AM

How to package booze gift?

I am traveling with a gift of a bottle of local micro-distillery gin and one of bourbon to give to a food and beverage manager of an upscale hotel. I don't know him. He's doing me a favor through a mutual contact, so this is a thank-you gift. The bottles are two completely different sizes, from two different distilleries. It looks crazy. Should I put them in a gift bag with tissue paper or just hand him the bottles? Please don't mock my pathetic question. I'm not a drinker; i really don't know how it's done. I don't want to look like a dope. My first post on Chowhounds. Thanks.

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  1. A simple gift bag is enough (one for each bottle).


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      agreed - go to a BevMo or other outlet and they have lots of selection of nice looking gift bags for liquor bottles:-)

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        Also +1. If they are pretty much "average" size bottles, they will have gist bags to fit them.

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        You can find them anywhere...anyplace that sells liquor and in CA that's just about everywhere.
        Keep them simple....not frilly.

      3. I'm sure he or she will appreciate it no matter how you do it, but I would use gift bag(s) for ease of your gifting/transporting ...

        1. Thank you everyone for these great tips. I found the perfect product in a high end wine store. They were gauzy and somewhat see-though, so the recipient didn't have to take the bottles in and out of the bags to see what they were. Also, the tops tightened with a ribbon, so that i could make them fit both the big bottle and the small bottle and it didn't look strange. Only $1 each. Worth a search.

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            Classy choice. Welcome to Chowhound.

          2. We often do similar, and normally use gift-bags, plus tissues. My wife makes them look better, than I do.

            Good luck, and nice touch.


            1. I like to give wine (or spirits or whatever) in an insulated carry bag that the recipient can re-us.e