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Apr 29, 2012 07:02 AM

SLAB Burgers - Charles/Bay - fresh ground/hand made patties

I saw mention of this place in the "opening soon" thread on here and a friend had recently gone so I decided to checking it out yesterday. I thought it was really good so figured I would start a thread about it since there is so much burger talk on here lately.

The location is an old Quiznos that got converted into a burrito place and I think most recently it was some kind of breakfast joint. It is right on Charles beside the Timothy's on the corner. The spot inside isn't much to look at but they have tables + stools. They will bring your burger to your table and they use real plates (although plastic cutlery) to serve them on if you are eating in.

The "small" burger is a 4 ounce (while filled me up). I got a small cheese burger combo which was $7.99 and included canned drink and fries. They said they were planning on getting a fountain machine in though. There are a bunch of free topping options included grilled onions, mushrooms, etc.

My burger was cooked perfectly, nice and juicy.

They grind beef on site and it sounds like when they run out for the day they might not be grinding more (he mentioned "selling out" the previous day). Sounds like they are working on figuring that out.

Seems like their website isn't working very well (at least on my computer) but here is the link:

in the meantime, here is a blogto link with the basic info;

They also do grill cheese sandwiches

A quick mention on the fries, they also cut them on site and they were good but still not my favourite fries

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  1. You were not kidding about a poor website, why even bother launching one if it doesn't work! Thanks for the heads up though

    1. I assume you mean Bay St and Charles St??


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        Yes, sorry.. .Not sure why I typed "St. Charles". Guess I was half asleep. Going to ask a mod to edit the title at least since I can't edit it anymore.

        I just turned off my javascript and the website works. I e-mailed them about it but in the meantime, while they are fixing it you can get the basic info off their mobile site including the menu with the pricing:

      2. I was back there last night because I was seeing some Hot Docs films in the area and couldn't think of anything else quick/fast/decent in the area offhand. I got bacon on my burger this time and I found it to be too crispy... Like, I don't know if it was cooked on order or not. Overall I still found the burger to be tasty but I tried some of my friends fries and I have now decided that I don't really like their fries. They are too limp and too much salt. Might give the fries another shot but curious to try grilled chicken and other items down the road.

        They really need to repaint. The bright green is not a very good colour choice.

        They fixed their website too after I e-mailed them

        1. We've been a couple of times. Both times I've had the veggie burger and fries w/ gravy. I thought the veggie burger was great, not too dry which tends to happen alot with veggie burgers. And i love the fries. Cooked to perfection. My husband had the burger and loved it. This is now our go to place for a quick burger bite.