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Apr 29, 2012 06:21 AM

131 Main - Asheville (South)- Biltmore Park

I know this is a chain/franchise restaurant but I have to say the 2 times that we've been there have been very pleasant. We've always eaten at the bar so I can't speak to dining in the restaurant proper. We've really enjoyed some of their appetizer and side items...their in-house smoked salmon is amazing and also really like the grilled artichoke and the kale salad. Very good service and it looks like the staff sticks around which is a good sign.

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  1. I have to chime in and agree! Very pleasantly surprised; their ribs are some of the best i have had--and I've had plenty!

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      We live in Black Mountain, but will go all the way to 131 Main just for the grilled artichokes! They are wonderful!

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        I've only eaten at their location in Lake Norman but their grilled artichokes are addictive! The best I've had.

        I had heard a rumor a few years ago that they would be opening a new location in Raleigh (which would be great for me) but nothing seems to have come to pass on that front. If anyone has any further information I'd be interested to know what's happening with it.

    2. We live in Charlotte and go to 131 Main often b/c it's very close to our home. We always get the smoked salmon app. We frequently get the seared rare tuna salad w/ avocado and mango, the thai beef salad, the crabcake salad and my son is addicted to their ribs. The skinny french fries are addictive. In the cooler months they have a braised red cabbage side dish w/ goat cheese that is yummy. I like that things are fresh, relatively healthy and lots of good veggie options. They have a decent wine list - but your best to bring your own bottle of wine because, stop the presses - THEY DO NOT CHARGE A CORKAGE FEE!!! It's unheard of and a very nice perk.