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Apr 29, 2012 06:19 AM

Saturday night dinner near Norwich, VT

My sister inlaw and I are taking a baking class at the King Arthur store in Norwich next month. We finish at 5:00 pm and want to grab a bite to eat before driving back to Boston. I've been checking online for restaurants in Hanover and Lebanon but there doesn't seem to be a lot of choices. Can anyone recommend something? Not interested in chains or fast food. Just a casual sit-down dinner.

We love Thai but the only Thai place I've found, Mai Thai in Hanover, seems to get awful reviews. Any cuisine is fine. Prefer something heading back towards Boston as we don't want to go any further out of our way.


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  1. Did you try doing a search on this board? Yama has been suggested as an Asian place in other threads. You might look that one up.

    1. Chen Yang Li in Bow is right off 89. It is fabulous!

      1. There is a similar question out here. There are several good to excellent places to eat in the Hanover/Lebanon area. For Asian (Korean/Japaneese), Yama in Hanover is hard to beat. The Orient (Chineese) in Hanover is above average. Three Tomatoes in Lebanon is very good for Italian. Molly's in Hanover is good for pub & pizza, Canoe Club in Hanover is a more upscale college pub-restaurant watering hole. I agree that the one Thai place in Hanover is mediocre. For good Thai on the way home, the Siam Orchid in downtown Concord is very good. There isn't much between Lebanon and Concord.

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            Agreed-- we love Yama.
            I would also suggest Tip Top in White River!

          2. Haven't eaten there in a few years, but I've had some very good meals at the Norwich Inn. The dining room is a bit formal, but the pub is a throwback to an era gone by and would fit your casual requirement.