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Apr 29, 2012 06:07 AM

DTW: Cloverleaf Pizza "spokes" are gone

Eastsiders recognize the Cloverleaf pizza as among the best offered in Metro Detroit...

But beginning next month, the two franchise locations of the iconic pie will be no more.

Shawn Randazzo, who ran the stores in St Clair Shores and Clinton Township with his Mom, Linda Michaels, is shuttering the shops in May.

Randazzo, winner of the 2012 World Pizza competition held in Las Vegas in March, has formed a new company: Detroit Style Pizza Co. He'll reopen the two stores under that brand name. He also has plans to expand and franchise the fledgling business.

According to a press release not yet widely circulated, Randazzo has developed a unique dough for his pizza that is a significant departure from that offered by the Gus Guerra inspired, Cloverleaf brand.

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  1. Now I'm confused, as a new Cloverleaf pizza just opened at Hayes & 22 mile (same strip as Polish Market). From a marketing standpoint, it does seem a little strange to dump the Cloverleaf name, with decades of history & reputation attached to it, for the generic-sounding "Detroit Style Pizza". Maybe there are rights/trademark issues we don't know about?

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      It appears that Shawn Randazzo want to carve his own niche in the metro pizza market.

      As far as I've been able to tell, his Cloverleaf "franchise" stores always did well. So it's not a business rescue plan he's attempting..