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Apr 29, 2012 01:09 AM

Petrus - chef's table

I am thinking of booking the Chef's Table at Petrus.

Feedback from any CHs appreciated.

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  1. As they had no one else dining there at the time our table of 6 was offered the chance to move down to it on the day of our booking just after Xmas. Overall I had a good time and would recommend it.

    The table is in the kitchen (funny enough); however, this is in the basement so unlike for example at Maze, you are completely removed from all the other dinners. The table is positioned with a great view of the pass and the kitchen behind, whilst still being set back a bit from the action. There were 6 of us and although on their website it says it it is suitable for up to 8; I would say 6 is very comfortable, 7 would be fine but 8 may be a bit of a squeeze. The sommelier was our waiter for the evening and was very good despite having to run up and down the stairs quite a bit I would imagine. The head chef, Sean Burbidge, was very friendly he came over and had a chat and then at the end of our meal he gave us a tour of the kitchen.

    If you are interested in how these places are run or just would like something a bit different I think it would be a good experience. Before I forget I am a fan of the food there, sure it is not revolutionary but it is very high quality French cuisine.