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Apr 29, 2012 12:57 AM

cajun ingredients in Sydney

I'd like to make some gumbo, and could use some help in finding the right ingredients. In particular, I would like to get my hands on some file powder and some andouille sausage. Any helpful suggestions?

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  1. I don't know about the andouille, as I've never tried to look for it. You might try the Blackwattle Deli at the Sydney Fish Markets. If they don't have it, they might be able to tell you where you can find it.

    For file powder, the first place I'd try is Fiji Market on King Street in Newtown. They seem to have the best selection of Latin American spices in town, and if anyone had file, it would likely be them. Herbies Spices might be another potential source. You could call their main store in Rozelle and ask.

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      I often find the best range of sausages to come from Pino's, 45 President Avenue,
      Kogarah (near the airport). He is an Italian sausage fanatic so his range is quite Italian centric but he does do things like N'djua and Longanzia. If he doesn't do it he may know someone who does - give him a call. If you do go pre-order as things sell out quite quickly and they tend to make in batches so stock varies from time to time.

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        Thanks, I will look into these options. Sounds like Fiji Market is worth a visit for all sorts of fun ingredients.

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          Fiji Market is a wonderful find. Most of their merchandise is dedicated to Indian ingredients and spices, but they have a good selection of other Asian and Mexican/South American spices and groceries. I buy a couple of my favourite Mexican sauces there-- Valentina Salsa and Herdez tomatilla salsa. They also sell small and large cans of chipotle en adobo, achiote, and dried chiles. Last time I was in there (a few weeks ago) they were out of a number of things they normally carry, and the shopkeeper told me they were waiting for another shipment. But yeah, I can never walk out of there without a backpack full of stuff.

    2. I use smoked chorizo in place of andouille sausage, works very well.

      1. Just back from Norleans with File powder!
        File is Sasafras powder...that might help you in finding it.
        I plan to go to the gormet butchers and taste their smoked pork sausages but would suggest Hornsby, where there is a prizewinning sausage maker.

        1. I should have updated this. I found file powder after doing some phone calls. They sell it at Herbie's Spices in Rozelle, where they also have a bundle of other spices and mixes that may make an American happy and help a bit of homesickness.