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Apr 28, 2012 11:15 PM

Per Se Lounge or Le Bernardin Tasting?

Hi everyone! I wasn't able to get a reservation for Per Se but realized that I could try for a walk in at their lounge. I managed to get a reservation for Le Bernardin, but wanted to know your opinions on whether or not I should do dinner ala carte at Per Se instead?

Thanks for your input!

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  1. They are such compleltely different experiences that it would be hard to give an is more important to you, surroundings or food? Le B dining room will be more of what you would consider traditional fine dining whereas Per Se salon will be the same incredible food and service or the main dining room but without the main dining room. Some people would consider it a lesser experience and I'm concerned you would feel cheated as diners walked into the main dining room while you are in the salon.

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      There's another big difference. The Le B tasting menu is a tasting menu. The Per Se Salon offers only an a la carte selection of a few items from the night's menu. That's another way they're completely different experiences. Since you specified the tasting menu, it sounds to me like what you want is more Le B.

    2. My info may be outdated as I haven't been there in quite some time but Per Se's lounge's dining is done on low tables akin to coffee tables. While I'm fine doing that for something like tea and dessert, I would find it uncomfortable to enjoy a fine dining meal in that setting.

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        Your information is correct. I personally find it only a little uncomfortable. Given the limited nature of the menu, I hardly think of it as fine dining. I think of it more as a very good (but very expensive) quickish drop-in meal (as I would grab at the bar in Landmarc -- but of course, much much better).