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Apr 28, 2012 09:29 PM

Telescoping Island Range / Cooktop Vent Hood?

I know about the downdraft snorkles and while I do like the idea of the Thermador one. But ... for engineering reasons that I won't go into, it isn't as practical for us. And we are really better off having a 36" or even a 42" (cooktop is 36") proper island vent hood.

But ... I'm thinking ... why NOT have a vent hood that can telescope up when not in use (and be more out of the way) - and then be readily pulled down toward the cooking surface when needed, especially when cooking more aromatic stuff.

I've done some google searches but didn't find anything. Has anyone seen anything like this?


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  1. I remebered seeing one of these when I first started looking for ventilation systems -- Miele has the only one I found.
    DA424V Miele 48" Decor Island Hood with 625 CFM Blower - Stainless Steel
    It telescopes 12”, and is a bit pricey. Hope this helps.

    1. Try Googling "fume hood" instead.