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Apr 28, 2012 09:12 PM

Oysters in bulk in Providence, RI?

I'm planning on having an oyster party... is there anywhere in Providence or Rhode Island, in general to get fresh oysters in bulk? Like a sack of 100 or so.


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  1. Andrades shellfish in Bristol,Nicks fish in bristol also.

    1. Matunuck Oyster Bar, owned by the farmers of Matunuck oysters, will sell in bulk (100 pieces) to the public. You can arrange to pick them up freshly harvested on the day you will need them. I favor the Salt Pond Selects, but they don't deal with the public. Poppasquash and Ninigret Cup oysters are excellent as well. Please do let us know how you fare. Good luck!

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        They are also at most Farmers Markets, it might be easier to arrange to pick them up at whatever market is closest to you.

      2. Malpeque's and Wellfleets are in good supply. A 100 oysters depending on the size is 100 to the bushel. Foley fish in New Bedford which is only about a 35 min ride from Providence are major wholesale/retail.

        1. I would call American Mussel Harvesters in NK. They are a huge shellfish distributor throughout the country and have some of the best oysters i've had. SUPER fresh and reasonable prices. I've bought a sack of 100 oysters from them for very reasonable prices before.

          1. ALL about the Matunuck Oyster House.

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              Price of oysters have been coming down last few weeks at Fisherman's in New Bedford. $0.45 each this week. Very good prices at this market as it is also a processing plant. They update prices each week at link below.