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Apr 28, 2012 05:09 PM

quesadillas for a lunch party at work

I volunteered to bring quesadillas & salsa for a lunch party at work. I've got 2 questions.

1. Do I prepare at home the night before and reheat in microwave? Or assemble at work and cook in microwave at work?

2. I need subtly show off recipes. Can't be too amazing as it may appear that I'm better at my hobby than my real job (alas, dreadfully true, these days). I'd like them to vegetarian and perhaps slightly healthy. Perhaps sweet potato, black bean, chipotle and cheddar quesadillas with pico de gallo salsa. Or maybe something with roasted scallions and goat cheese with a radish salsa. I can get ok corn and flour tortillas, but not great ones.

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  1. Do you have something other than a microwave to prepare them?

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    1. re: latindancer

      Yeah, microwave quesadillas may come out kind of soggy.

      If you don't have anything but a microwave at work, I'd make them the night before using a frying pan or oven, and then re-heat them at work.

    2. Can I come to your lunch party? :) The sweet potato sound great!!! yum

      1. I don't know if it qualifies as quesadillas in your book, but I often just fold a flour tortilla around some filling, and zap it until the cheese melts.

        1. I'd use a small George Forman or waffle iron with reversible grill plates instead of a microwave, if possible. An electric fry pan would even be better than a microwave. All of those options would be easy if you have an electrical outlet. One of the best parts is the outside of the tortillas, slightly crispy as opposed to steamed, which is what you will get with a micro. They will be floppy and hard to eat.
          Do not prepare in advance, but have everything prepped and ready to go. Then just assemble and grill. The crusty tortilla will help when cut into wedges and picking up with one's fingers.

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          1. re: wyogal

            I concur .... microwave quesadillas are, in a word, "ughhh". The George Foreman grill or something like it (maybe a Panini grill?) is a much better choice and do not prepare in advance; please. This calls for mise en place prep. and make 'em fresh.

            1. re: todao

              Yep, It won't matter what the fillings are if they are too messy, sloppy to eat.
              I think one can get those grills cheap at a W or K mart store, too. Keep it at the office to reuse for many types of lunches.

          2. America's Test Kitchen's recipe for Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas is really good - the toasted corn kernels and garlic make it different from your average quesadilla. Serve it with sour cream, guac, and chopped tomatoes w/diced onions.
            This recipe looks pretty close to the original

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            1. re: EM23

              That recipe looks very good - I'd use the thawed corn instead of canned.

              With this one and the sweet potato one the OP would have a wonderful combo. Definitely take something to grill there - the vegies can all be prepped in advance.

              Your co-workers would be thrilled!