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Apr 28, 2012 04:33 PM

Wisconsin Food in DC, MD, VA?

So I am from Milwaukee, and trying to find fried cheese curds, and bratwurst, and frozen custard in DC, I wish they had a restaurant that sold all of these in DC. I just started working here, but went to college in DC also. I am trying to find a place but can't. I mean I can live with making brats on the grill, but am hoping to find somewhere besides the National American History Museum cafe where I found fried cheese curds. But I want to find them in a restaurant not a museum if possible, along with frozen custard. Any Help would be great! If we can't find a place maybe someone will make a petition and we can hope someone will open a restaurant to help the masses of wisconsinites. Also, I use public transit, so hope its near a public transit place, i.e. - bus, train, metro, so forth.

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  1. I am from Milwaukee too, and the frozen custard at the Dairy Godmother in Alexandria is awesome. It's a longish walk from the Braddock metro.
    They serve frozen custard at the Shake Shack in Dupont, and it's delicious but not exactly the right consistency in my experience. Still worth eating!
    Bratwurst...maybe check if DC3 has it on the menu? They have all sorts of hotdogs from different regions. The German Biergarten place on H Street might also serve might the Standard on 14th Street.

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    1. re: hamster

      thanks I will try those. Now how about fried cheese curds? thats my big problem. Also on the custard front, is the Shake Shack better then Dickies near Farrogut North Metro? cause that is more thick soft serve.

      1. re: saxman930

        Although I have never tried custard at Dickie's, given what I know about Shake Shack's quality I think it's very likely that Shake Shack's is considerably better.

        1. re: hamster

          I've had both - I like Shake Shack's much better.

      2. re: hamster

        also, i mistyped its my GF from Milwaukee not me. but I was wondering is Roberts the best FC in Milwaukee? or there another place I should try?

        1. re: saxman930

          Kopp's is where I grew up eating frozen custard. It's the best!

        2. re: hamster

          going to the Nats game tonight so I will be sure to grab a Chicago Dog and some FC while I watch Straus kick some a**

        3. Good luck finding (fried) cheese curds. I grew up in MN, and try to find cheese curds wherever I go, but haven't found them here. Found some fresh curds at a FM here, but they weren't that good - didn't squeak.

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          1. re: mdpilam

            well i will keep looking, you would think some people with restaurant experience would put together a group and make a midwest restaurant considering how many MW people are in DC. Or some hipster place would use them instead of motz sticks. considering they are much better.

            1. re: mdpilam

              a cheese shop in Madison told me to put them in the microwave for a FEW (like 10) seconds -- they squeak as they warm a little.

              1. re: mdpilam

                the only place I have been to that had them were the Stars and Stripes Cafe at the American History Museum.

                1. re: mdpilam

                  I saw some cheese curds (fresh) at Wegman's. Didn't buy them, so I can't comment on how good they are.

                2. If you're in Baltimore, there's a restaurant in Canton called Jack's Bistro that does a phenomenal poutine with proper cheese curd, a foie gras gravy and the fries cooked in duck fat. Not sure if it's proper Wisconsin, but it's heavenly.

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                  1. re: kidbrother

                    Slightly closer is Mokomandy in Sterling, VA. I've never been, but they serve poutine, although why a Korean restaurant that also serves cajun food decided to serve poutine is a question for a more brilliant mind than mine.


                  2. On football weekends Hamilton's, our Packer and Badger bar, offers brats and fried cheese curds. But that's a long four month wait. It's Hamiltons on 2nd NW (not The Hamilton on 14th)

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                    1. re: BuckyinDC

                      How sketch is the neighborhood? cause i know its near the DCPD HQ but still. Anyway I know that Hawk and Dove used to do stuff for packers and badger games but i don't know if they did fried cheese curds and brats. But if they are not open/they don't have a menu like Hamilton's, I will be sure to go check out Hamilton's, thanks for the help. Please keep posting everyone, hopefully a restaurant owner will notice our love for MW food, and plan to open a bar or maybe a restaurant and have MW teams on the weekends and make us feel at home.

                    2. Dunno how Wisconsin this is... but there is a Bratwurst food truck in the area:

                      Schnitzel-burger is awesome -- but I gotta try the brat sometime.

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                      1. re: bubba3197

                        its real german, to the point the guy that owns it is german. i intend to try it one of these days.

                        1. re: saxman930

                          To that point, the OP might want to try the German Gourmet at some point, though it's not very metro friendly.

                          1. re: Dennis S

                            Yeah Heidelberg Bakery has a great selections of sausages- brautwurst, knaukwurst, etc. But not metro friendly at all.