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Apr 28, 2012 03:15 PM

A day in Frankfurt

Would appriciate suggestions on a "food centered" plan in the city - a very nice lunch regardless of cuisine, pastry shops, chocolate, ice cream if something special, speciality sores and the best supermarket in the city for buying interesting stuff before heading back to the airport for the connection flight.. Thx

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  1. The food scene in Frankfurt has been abysmal for decades. As you have probably discovered from the lack of response. Your best shopping experience for goodies is at the Kleinmarkthalle between the Ziel and the Dom. Plenty of variety, and some very good cheeses.

    On the pedestrian way going towards the Alte Opera are some very high end delis. All sorts of delicacies. Good luck finding a decent restaurant.

    If you like Greek, The Omonia Restaurant in the cellar of an apartment building has always been a favorite. It is near the Holzhausen U bahn stop. On Vogt Strasse off Hanse Allee.

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      Yup, that's it: Fressgasse und Kleinmarkthalle

    2. Having lived in Frankfurt for 10 years I have to disagree with the general comments about a lack of good food here. Some tips:
      - If you can read German, then get the local magazine "Frankfurt Geht Aus" which has loads of Top 10 type of reccomendations.
      - Kleinmarkthalle (daily) and the Market on the Konstablerwache (Thursday / Saturday) are great, with the Market being predominantly local, regional produce and the Kleinmarkthalle offering (almost) everything under the sun. Both offer a multitude of (lunch time) snacks and some basic sit-down options too.
      - great Austrian food can be had at Lohninger in Sachsenhausen
      -My two favourites at the moment are:
      - the only authentic Thai food I've ever had in Europe: Aroydee in Stiftstrasse
      - Dim Sum House - true HK-style dim sum frequented predominantly by chinese guests in the Konstabler Arkaden (Vilbeler Str.) - a little hard to find, but worth it!
      - Lunch, yes you can go to the Fressgass and join the lunch-time banker-crowd where you will find most anything for lunch on your list above
      - there are great Turkish restraurants in M√ľnchenerstrasse, right hand side when walking up from the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) is Merkez Kebab House which I would reccomend

      etc etc etc.... :-)

      1. I also have to disagree with the statement about the food scene in Frankfurt. I would also not give a blank check to the restaurants on Fressgasse or near the Alte Oper. The Kleinmarkthalle is great, and the food departments of the department stores Kaufhof and Karstadt are also quite nice. If you happen to be in Frankfurt on a Thursday or Saturday, stop by at the farmer's market on Konstablerwache.

        Medici (Weissadlergasse) is a very nice restaurant in the city centre that offers a mediterranian cuisine. It is not the cheapest restaurant in the area but they offer a set lunch menu that is good value for money.

        Visit the Iimori Patisserie on Braubachstr. (near the Roemer) for some fantastic French-style tarts. Bitter and Zart is a nice chocolate shop on the same street.

        Look out for the Dulce ice cream parlours. One of my favourites is the apple wine sorbet.

        There are loads more options in the city and in the areas around the city. Happy to provide more recommendations, if required.

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          I am sorry if I had offended you on my opinion of Franfurt/Main culinary scene. I realise that the OP stated every cuisine, but for 5 years, we normally had to travel outside the city to feast on regional German cuisine. My favorite high end in town was Maredo's and spur of the moment was the Greek Omonia. Sure I was a GI, but I also came back for another 1.5 years as a civilian staying with my German friends. Visa issues I won't go into.

          Frankfurt does have some good restaurants, but as I was a member of the Kasino, I normally took dates and family to Bad Homburg. And when I could, leaving at 0400 and arriving in Brussels for the flea market and food, or to Rheims for champagne and seafood, resulted in more bang for the buck, as opposed to trying to find a wild game restaurant in the fall.

          I am naturally enclined to stress local cuisines when traveling any great distance. I am sorry if my bias in food got in the way of my love and kind thoughts to the many Germans and Turks who befriended me.

          P.S. The best ice cream is American per my friends. The best gelato is in Italy. Movenpick hotel restaurant chain is not yucky.

          1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

            Not offended at all. Everyone has the right to express their views.

            However, Frankfurt has changed a lot in the last ten years. Come back some day and check it out.

        2. I am often stuck in Frankfurt airport at odd hours for odd meals. The Steigenberger Hotel, about three minutes from the airport by taxi, and with plenty of self-parking as well, has an open-air /or indoor in the original hunting lodge on the property, fine restaurant that does a terrific lunch, with "salad bar". Last time (autumn) husband had the "hare pie" ( we managed to keep straight faces as the waiter was SO PROUD to be able to say it in English) and I had "fische"....wild-caught local white lake fish, I think, beautifully pan sauteed. The waiter obligingly gave me the name in German, but all we could agree on was "white" and fish". There is also a contemporary high-end international fusion restaurant (no lunch that day) that has dishes like tuna three ways---sashimi, tatare, and tataki with freshly chopped mango or pineapple salsa crudo on the side, duck confit, etc. Plus, there is an informal pub patio as well. Sausages of course, but also sandwiches, etc. An oasis of civilization in the hell that is the Frankfurt Airport. Do check which will be open and when, however, and you need to book dinners at the two good restaurants. We are there next week on a SUnday with a six-hour layover....probably the "spargel" all-asparagus menu, and looking forward to it.

          1. I really enjoyed Klosterhof (not too far from the Euro sign) and had both the Hunter's style schnitzel and a marinated pork steak. I've tried the Hunter's style in several restaurants, but really liked this one the best. Service is top notch and I loved the option to sit out on their nice patio. It was recommended to me by FRA based flight attendants and they didn't get this one wrong!

            For cheap and filling food, I often go to Koylu-Doner for Turkish pizza. It's over in Sachsenhausen and not too far from a train stop. The service is very good; they're nice to me and I appreciate that.

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            1. re: marshalmissy

              As of now , July 2012, Klosterhof is in the middle of a huge construction site and no one will be dining in the patio anytime soon. Loud &dusty, not recommended. The food is ok, quite old school German, but the surroundings make this a no go place for the foreseeable future.
              If you are interested in a quick and affordable lunch you cannot go wrong with all the turkish choices available. Best ones are close to the Hauptbahnhof.
              If you are close to the Hauptwache, try Walden or the Cafe Karin for an inexpensive but good lunch. Both are situated very close to the Goethe House.
              After lunch, go around the corner and grab a coffee/espresso at Kaffeehaus Wacker. They roast their own beans and offer a great vienna coffeehouse style coffee.

              1. re: FRAexplorer

                A very big thank you to everybody who contributed here, just back from a great day at Frankfurt, Aroydee was a very big surprise, great Thai food, and overall with the covered market and some other treats in between, truly great time there :-)