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Apr 28, 2012 01:27 PM

First trip to DFW - need recs

I'm going to be visiting Dallas for a few days in a couple of weeks and was hoping to get some recommendations. I've tried doing some research on the boards and whittled down my options into a few different categories and would appreciate any advice.

Breakfast: Original Market Diner and John's Cafe
Lunch #1: Tacos Al Banqueta or Taqueria El Si Hay or Fuel City
Lunch #2: Lockhart Smokehouse or Pecan Lodge or drive to Louie Mueller
Lunch #3: South Dallas Cafe or Sweet Georgia Brown's
Lunch #4: Hattie's or Screen Door
Lunch #5: Off-Site Kitchen or Chop House Burger
Dinner #1: Stephan Pyles or Craft or Mansion or Marquee
Dinner #2: Smoke or Cedar Social
Dinner #3: Mesa or Komali
Cocktails: Victor Tango's or LaGrange
Beer Bars: Strangeways, Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House, The Bottle Shop, Trinity Hall

Any tips among those options? Anything I'm missing or should add?


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  1. My recs based on what you named:
    B'fast: Original Market Diner.
    Lunch #1: Tacos Al Banqueta. Have the suadero tacos.
    Lunch #2: Pecan Lodge. Open Thur.-Sun. Ask for fatty brisket. Save room for ribs.
    Lunch #3: No contest. Sweet Georgia Brown!
    Lunch #4: Hattie's. Have the Caesar salad and shrimp 'n grits.
    Lunch #5: Off-Site Kitchen!
    Dinner #1: Any one you've mentioned. All great!
    Dinner #2: Smoke! Have The Big Rib.
    Dinner #3: Mesa for sure!
    Cocktails: Victor Tango's.
    Not a beer guy so, no opinions.

    Great (gourmet) Japanese: Teppo!

      1. My thoughts ...

        Lunch #3--I found Sweet Georgia Brown skippable. I believe I had the pot roast. Prefer Mama's Daughters.
        Dinner #1--Marquee is a favorite of mine, but you probably can't go wrong with any of these.
        Dinner #2--Smoke
        Dinner #3--Mesa (have the duck mole)
        Cocktails: LaGrange is nothing special (Marquee has good cocktails btw)

        1. Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill

          The Saffron Chicken is to die for.. lucky for you there are multiple locations depending on where you'll be.

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            Second Ali Baba. Also like Afrah for their fabulous Lebanese buffet.
            Best ten bucks you'll ever spend!

          2. Breakfast: I don't do breakfast or my recommendations are so far away it is not worth mentioning (Loco Cafe in Denton if you must know)
            Lunch #1: None go to Tortilleria La Nueva Fresh on Webb Chapel and Larga close to Bachman Lake....I really liked the puerco en guisado rojo on a freshly made corn tortilla.
            Lunch #2: Lockhart
            Lunch #3: South Dallas Cafe or Sweet Georgia Brown's - will skip this catgeory it has been so long since I have had either
            Lunch #4: Might skip the Lunch #3 and go to both of these or back to Tortilleria La Nueva Fresh
            Lunch #5: Seems like you are staying in Dallas so no reason to drive out to Chop House in Arlington unless you are going to the Ranger game.....or you just have to check the box for DDD recs.
            Dinner #1:All of them
            Dinner #2: Gonna bow out b/c I know people at both
            Dinner #3: question
            Cocktails: Couldn't tell you I am a beer guy
            Beer Bars: Meddlesome Moth, Common Table or Goodfriend.....they won't be as good as the bars you are used to in San Diego but solid selection....Common Table you will have to watch to see if they are bringing out the good stuff, sometimes their tap selection can be weak. If you are looking for a solid store go to Lonestar in Carrollton and ask for Rick the owner as he is very knowledgeable!