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Apr 28, 2012 11:03 AM

Crepe n Grill - Flemington

Husband and I just got back from a great lunch at Crepe n Grill, located in Turntable Junction (14 Turntable Junction, Flemington NJ). Their menu consists of soup, salads, sweet and savory crepes, and paninis. The beverage menu is limited to fresh squeezed juices, coffee, and bottled beverages (Gold Peak ice teas and bottled water).

We each had a bowl of cream of shitaki soup. The rich but light cream broth was accented by slices of fresh shitaki mushrooms and sliced scallion.

We decided to share our entrees so we could try the sandwiches and the crepes. My sandwich was an eggplant and roasted pepper panini, served with a side of pesto. The pesto tasted freshly made, and was very delicious. I liked how the pesto was served in a side ramekin so one could season to taste. The bread was delicious and the crust had a nice crunch to it.

My husband had a crepe with mozzarella, basil, and tomato confit. They do not skimp on the fillings. We were both stuffed by the end of our meals. They are in their soft opening faze, so unfortunately they were out of salmon, so we were not able to try the smoked salmon with goat cheese savory crepe. That is on my list for next time. The savory crepes are served with a side salad.

The owners are very friendly and eager to hear feedback on what we liked. They brought us a sample of an avocado spread that is offered as a lighter alternative to pesto for some of the savory crepes, and the chef asked us to try some spicy pickled radishes and cucumbers he is considering adding to the menu.

When the temperatures warm up they said that there will be outside seating. They plan to offer outdoor jazz concerts on the weekends in the summer. (Flemington residents will recognize the planned location as the place where the Ice Cream Parlor used to show outdoor movies).

We wanted to try a sweet crepe but we were too full. Hopefully this place will do well; the quality of their food is definitely a step above the dozens of other places offering paninis.

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  1. Stopped by today. A sign in the window said "closed for reorganization". There was a man seated in the patio area outside. He said the place was out of business. The owners are looking for a buyer because they weren't able to develop a dinner clientele and they couldn't survive on the lunch crowd alone.

    It's a shame. Their food was good.

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      Yes, they posted the same on their Facebook page. It is too bad, that location is a rough one and diners in Flemington seem (for the most part) to appreciate Country Griddle-type fare.

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        Really sorry to hear this. The location is awful. Twenty to thirty years ago, anything in that location would have made money. Turntable Junction was so busy that you sometimes bypassed stores because they were so busy. Now, if you walk in that area, even on the weekend, you probably won't meet anyone.

        I actually like the Country Griddle, though only for breakfast.

      2. Saw on Facebook that they are reopening next week. I'll be curious to see the changes and how they do.

        1. New rule: if you're going to advertise on Facebook that you'll be reopening on Oct. 1 then you should reopen on Oct. 1.

          This place has not reopened. I stopped in this PM and was told that they're "very close" to reopening, "maybe in a couple of days". Some of the early reviews about Crepe 'n Grill criticized it because the owners and staff seemed disorganized. Looks like they are still trying to get their act together. I can only hope that they do because the food was pretty good.

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          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Closed (again). This time it's permanent as a Mexican restaurant is taking over the space. This might work as Flemington has a fairly high Mexican population. If the food is good, they will come, and so will I.

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                The location was a Mexican restaurant before it was the crepe place, so I guess it has come full circle.

                1. re: ambrose

                  I have heard that the Mexican restaurant taking over that space is none other than Viva Mexico, currently on Broad Street. This worries me terribly. I really like Viva Mexico and the family that owns it is very sweet. They have been in business on Broad Street for probably 10-12 years, a feat in Flemington. The Turntable Junction location is awful. I don't know of a single successful eatery back there. I hope this rumor is not true, and if it is I hope this does not mean the end for Viva Mexico.

                  1. re: madgreek99

                    Hope that is not true! There is nothing on their website about a move, and when we drove by the Broad Street location there weren't any signs indicating that they are moving..... Fingers crossed. I like to go to the little Mexican grocery store after eating there.

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                      You're right. There is a small sign on the Crepe n Grill site saying that Viva Mexico will occupy the space. I'm wondering if the Broad Street building is affected by the development that is planned for that general area. I haven't paid a lot of attention to which buildings/businesses will disappear. The best news would be that the new place will be a satellite operation.

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                        I just had dinner at Viva Mexico this evening. They are indeed moving in early November. I asked why, and the server said it was a "better location". It is smaller and out of the way, I don't know how that can be better. The good news is that they have good food and a decent following. Hopefully many customers, like myself, will follow them to the new location.