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Help with a Baltimore favorite - the shrimp cheesesteak

People of Baltimore, I need your help. Looking around for my upcoming trip to Charm City, I came across something I had never heard of - the shrimp cheesesteak.

I see this on various sandwich shop menus, but I can't find out what it is and there are no pictures anywhere!

Is this a sandwich that has shrimp and only shrimp along with some melted onions and cheese?
Or is this a classic cheesesteak that has beef with some shrimp added onto to it?
Is the shrimp breaded or fried?

Just what the heck is this thing?

And who makes the best one?

Help me please so I don't feel like an ignorant fool when I come to town.


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  1. Beats the heck out of me. I've lived here almost 35 years and never heard of a shirmp cheesesteak. My guess would be they put some breaded fried shrimp on a cheesesteak sandwich, but no clue.

    1. From a local menu
      Shrimp Cheese Steak
      Steak & Shrimp Grilled with Caramelized Onions, Mozzarella and touch of Old Bay

      1. I lived in Baltimore for a long time and still have family in the city and we return yearly. Have never heard of shrimp cheesesteaks. Cheesesteaks are not a Baltimore specialty and not necessarily commonly found.

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          yeah I'm in the "just sounds wrong" camp. maybe not bad but needs a different name (shrimp and beef - OK, beef and cheese - OK, but shrimp and cheese?)

          Philly ain't so far but it is a different town. Balmer has plenty to offer. this sounds like a novelty. maybe good but one I wouldn't spend time seeking.

          I could be quite wrong.

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            There are shrimp parm subs with melted mozzarella found in many "Italian" sub/pizza shops around the Baltimore area. Not saying these are necessarily worthwhile, but every now and then I have a craving (that always ends in regret.)

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            They do appear on many a sub shop menus in the greater Baltimore area though.

          3. Thanks for all your help folks! I guess it's not really all that popular...
            Wonder why, though? A surf 'n' turf 'wich sounds pretty interesting to me, may have to try one at home.

            1. From what I've seen, it's just the average "Baltimore-style" cheesesteak with shrimp thrown in. It is found in many sub/pizza shops in Baltimore, but neither the cheesesteak nor the shrimp cheesesteak are worth it.

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                I've learned something. (despite myself)

              2. You must find a good shop and try a shrimp cheese-steak when you come to Baltimore. Im surprised so many people have never heard of them!

                Shrimp Cheese-steaks are just a regular one but with shrimp cooked on the flat top added. My favorite is from a place in the Woodlawn area of Baltimore County called J.C.'S Chicken & Trout (make sure to try a chicken box too!). There is also a place close to there called Greek Village that has them (I prefer their Gyros though).

                Captain Harvey's in Dundalk also has huge shrimp cheese steaks but their meat is a little under seasoned for me (lots of people swear by this place tho).

                This picture is the closest to what it looks like. Hope this helps let me know if you have any questions! Its definitely worth a try :)

                1. Shrimp cheesesteaks can be found, but they're far from a Baltimore favorite. If you want to do some real Baltimore favorites, take your friends to the classics: Andy Nelson BBQ, Faidley's crab cakes, The Roost lake trout, Park's fried chicken in Lexington market, etc.

                  And as far as putting cheese on seafood, we also love our cheese fish sandwiches. Yum.

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                    Have you had lake trout at The Roost lately? I feel they are well past their prime. I wouldn't make a trip for it. Their fish doesn't taste fresh to me anymore and I always feel like they need to change their oil.