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Apr 28, 2012 10:48 AM

Another "Please Critique My Weekend Itinerary" Thread

First-time visitor to New Orleans from NYC during May 11-14 (staying at the Roosevelt). I've scoured other threads and have definitely been able to tweak my own choices based on the advice already provided, but I would love a quick eyeballin' of what I've got so far. I am traveling with one other person (originally from SFO), we have no dietary restrictions, and we both want a balance of local classics and modern takes. We both love discovering unique, hidden treasures but appreciate the flair of established places worth the $. For drinks (both refined and divey) we're keen to try Cure, One Eyed Jacks, Lafitte, Carousel, Country Club, Flanagans, d.b.a., etc.

Friday night: drinks at Sazerac, dinner at Arnaud's, explore the FQ

Saturday brunch: Commander's Palace
Saturday dinner: Herbsaint

Sunday: swamp tour in the morning; brunch at La Petite Grocery
Sunday dinner: Lüke

Monday lunch: Cochon

Based on the typical portion sizes unique to NOLA, I've left the afternoons open for neighborhood exploring, either by foot, cable car or rented bicycle (we are not renting a car). If hunger strikes, I'm hoping we can just waltz into the likes of Acme, Cafe Du Monde, The Joint, etc. for snacking. I understand it's a short amount of time to get everything in, but I am looking at this as an "intro" trip and plan to return for a longer stay at another time in the future.


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  1. I wouldn't waste a dinner on Luke. Maybe explore Uptown- Dante's, Brigtsen's, Boucherie, Coquette... If you're having brunch at LPG, you can make a day of exploring Magazine Street, shopping, stopping for drinks and snacks, etc.

    1. I wouldn't count on La Petite Grocery coming through. They mean well but fall short.

      1. Skip Cochon. Not worth a meal on such a short trip. Maybe go for gumbo yaya and bbq shrimp at Mr B's instead?

        1. Thanks for the feedback. I'm hemming and hawing over Sunday night's dinner. If not Lüke, then maybe (based on what's left on OpenTable):

          Cafe Amelie

          (Dante's is booked and Brigtsen's is closed on Sundays)

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            Book Coquette out of those four. Sylvain is a great place to pop in and have a drink/snack.