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Apr 28, 2012 10:24 AM

Barbatella Newish Naples restaurant: Third Street South

Barbatella is open on Third St. South, just beyond Tommy Bahamas in a space that used to be Chinese antiques and another that was a very upscale florist/tchotchke shop.

Barbatella is a neopolitan style Italian restaurant....very La Dolce Vita. It has been opened by the people that run Sea Salt and it is exceptionally good. They do pizzas and the have a gelato shop. Very chic bar with amazing Italian wines by the glass.

My lunch yesterday was absolutely delicious. I ordered orchiette with sausage and rapini. Very good bread and excellent oil without all the flavoring nonsense. The orchiette was al dente and the sausage was mildly hot, very little sauce, tender fresh rapini. Good cheese on it. Glass of prosecco and lunch was about $30 with tip. Not cheap but the food wasn't either. We have had drinks here a few times with wonderful appetizers. Pizzas look excellent. Will definitely give Campiello a run for its money. It appeared to maybe a younger crowd than "cougarville" Campiello. Of course, I'm older than dirt, so everyone looks young to me. LMF

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  1. Thanks for the update... I have been looking forward to trying and have gone by a few times but have yet to take the plunge... I agree with the challenge to Campiello but our concern is that we have not had positive experiences at Sea Salt so are apprehensive at trying a place that seems to be Sea Salt lite...However, your review gives me hope, so thanks for the "nudge".

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      When Sea Salt first opened, I wrote something about how slow it seemed and why we opted for Campiello instead, preferring not to "dine alone". I received almost vicious responses, accusing me of being a plant for Campiello or Tommy B. It was quite dreadful. I'm not a big Sea Salt fan but this is another place with just the major $$ backer that Sea Salt has, not their day to day management. LMF

    2. A word on the gelato. So many places like this. This was different in that the gelato wasn't so tooth achingly sweet but very creamy and full of flavor. I tried the pistachio.

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        Thanks and so sorry to hear about the responses to your earlier comments on Sea Salt, hopefully not the Chowhound norm... we spoke with friends last evening who had great things to say about Barbatella but also had the same reaction to Sea Salt. We will probably try in the next few weeks...
        Also, completely off topic, but have you tried Komoon Thai on Pine Ridge? I was surprised to find that they made quite authentic and delicious Thai, even with Sushi and Ceviche on the menu.

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          Actually the manager of Sea Salt was the one attacking me. I called her out and she went away.

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            I've been to Barbatella several times and enjoyed the real delicious flavors of Italy, on their generous portions of meats, fish, pasta and pizza. I've been to Italy a few times, and this is the real thing-stick to your ribs good cooking! It's not New York Italian style. It doesn't have or need foams, vertical stacking, or other trendy things. I like that the pizza is served on an openholed metal tray, so it doesn't get soggy. The bar area and outside dining are my favorite spots. And yes, the botoxed and generously siliconed cougars haven't set up a lair there yet...give them time!

            I've been to "big sister's" Sea Salt a dozen times since it opened, and had delicous food and good to excellent service. Some places have off days-need to let management know-teh owners are usually on site, too.

            I like Komoon as a neighborhood restaurant. It's good to get authentic Peruvian, Thai and Japanese in one spot. Nice setting and friendly service, too.