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Apr 28, 2012 09:58 AM

Dinner in shanghai for Second Aniversary

I will be visiting China in the summer and my wife and I will be in shanghai and want to have dinner Chowhound style restaurant, fancy will be a extra. price range max 150 for both.
By that time we will have been traveling China for one week. So It can be Non Chinese Cuisine might be a good idea. we are Mexican and both love food, We live in Boston and love daily catch, Neptune oysters and when traveling to NY never miss Momofuku. Any Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Peruvian, etc.

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  1. Is that US$150? And by Chowhound-style, do you mean good food in addition to a good second anniversary atmosphere or just strictly good food?

    I wouldn't recommend any Mexican places in Shanghai, but if you had to go to one it would be Maya, which is an upscale Mexican experience and significantly better than Cantina Agave. For other non-Chinese options there is Madison (New American), Goga or Hai by Goga (New American - call in advance for reservations), El Willy (Spanish), Cuive (French), Franck (French), Stiller's.

    For Chinese options with a bit of fancy, there is Lost Heaven south of the Bund, Din Tai Fung, Ye Shanghai, South Beauty...

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      Yes $150 usd, I expect to spend it on food and might spend some extra on a good atmosphere and a good show.
      I don't usually go for Mexican food outside Mexico. Thanks for the advise