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Apr 28, 2012 09:14 AM

Stone Ground Grits in YEG?

After a few recent trips down to the states where I had fantastic grits, I'd like to try making them at home. Has anyone seen them in stores here in YEG? I'd like to find the good stone-ground variety...

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  1. You could try Bob's Red Mill Corn Grits. They're coarsely ground, and Bob's packaged grains are available in many grocery stores in their own little displays.

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    1. re: VitalForce

      You could check Planet Organic. There is also a place in the Strathcona Farmers Market which sells specialty grains ( e.g. organic steel cut oats) which might have it

      1. re: felix the hound

        I don't see grits on their list but I would recommend asking them about it.