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Apr 28, 2012 09:10 AM

Need help selecting 36" Rangetop


Wife and I purchased a new home for the family, we're renovating the kitchen immediately at possession. I am looking to build in a 36" Gas Range-top (I'd do induction but the wife loves the commercial/industrial look of the SS range-tops, and nobody makes an induction range-top in this style that I've seen). Looking at a 4burner+griddle config.

I was originally looking at KitchenAid, figured that was a good compromise between price & function, except I cannot find a review of their range-tops ANYWHERE.

Are they good quality? Has anyone used them and had reliability issues?

How about Jenn-Air? I was told they are the same manufacturer and JA is the higher-end branding. Everywhere I read, people hate the downdraft JA, but I won't need that feature, I'll have a hood, are the JA range-tops good if you're not using the Downdraft?

And yes, I'd love to go Wolf, but I might not be able to afford that.

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  1. We looked at the Kitchen Aid and the Jen Air and yes they are both owned by Whirlpool although they make their own branding decisions on design, etc. We ended up with an Electrolux Icon with 6 burners rather than the built in griddle, just thought it would be more practical. The Icon came with a griddle/grill made from cast iron that covers two burners and is reversable. We've used it a few times, but prefer the Scanpan griddle. Honestly, in a home kitchen, I think any of these would work just fine. The other one we looked at seriously was the Thermadore with the star burners. I just couldn't convince myself that they were better than the round burners, seems like if they were, everyone would have them. We've been very pleased with the Electrolux Icon.