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Apr 28, 2012 08:40 AM

Mid-May visit: How do I find which restaurants are running specials?

Will be in New Orleans for a conference from 5/16-19, so will have lunch and dinner on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I've seen some references on this board to various prix fixe lunch specials, but not sure these are offered every day. Do any places have such prixe fixe dinner deals as well? Curiously, the restaurants' websites (e.g. August) are not always helpful on this score. Any recommendations are much appreciated!

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  1. Try the Greater NO restaurant association..

    1. Most places with a prix fixe lunch does them at least M-F. (August, MiLa, Emeril's, Coquette...) I know Coquette does a nightly chef's tasting that's really reasonable (I think $40-45 for 4 courses?)

      1. While I can't speak for August, my own experience is that most of the "name" restaurants' web sites do indeed have online menus that include their prix fixe offerings. August may be an outlier in this regard.

        1. Randy:

          From the lunch menu on August's web site:

          "Prix Fixe - Appetizers

          Sweet English Pea Soup

          bacon croutons with gulf shrimp

          Salad Of Ponchatoula Strawberries

          chevre pistachio butter and aged balsamic

          Pâté De Campagne Of La Provence Pork

          pickled wild mushrooms and seasonal marmalades

          Prix Fixe - Main Courses

          Pork Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

          pickled spring carrots, coriander broth and sesame cracklin’

          Sautéed Gulf Sheepshead

          sweet corn custard, succotash with tomato confit vinaigrette

          Buster Crab Blt

          marinated tomatoes, brioche crostini, basil aioli and allen benton’s bacon ($10 supplement)

          Prix Fixe - Dessert

          Creole Cream Cheese Tartlet

          ponchatoula strawberries, elderflower, and pistachio

          Mark your favorites


          espresso parfait, lemon, and milk sorbet

          Louisiana Blueberry “pavlova”

          caramelized coconut milk and blueberry sorbet"


          not helpful?

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          1. re: Gizmo56

            My issue w/August's menu is that there was no notation that it was available every day, so I didn't know if it was just on certain days (as I have experienced elsewhere). It certainly does sound like a great deal, as does MiLa's.