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Burrata Eastchester

I'm starting this thread because Burratta was reviewed in the Times and I'm eager to see what people have to say about their experiences there. I have not yet been but hope to visit soon.


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  1. Me too , many have compared to polpettina
    .... Any suggestions?

      1. I have eaten lunch at Burrata twice, and I think that it is superior to Polpettina, where I have had two very mediocre lunches. Burrata has a $10 lunch special, which includes a soup or salad and a pizza. What a bargain. My most recept experience with Polpettina was an $11 take out sandwich that was like eating a head of chopped garlic between two slices of bread. There is no comparison between that and the food at Burrata.

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          Does Buratta have a website yet?

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            As per the Polpettina thread where the chicken parm hero was discussed, Polpettina's chicken parm hero is made with Chicken, breading, cheese, sauce (no garlic) It is not prepared with garlic and the taste of garlic really isn't discernible in their tomato sauce. If your sandwich tasted like garlic between two slices of bread then something went terribly wrong, this is not typical of their chicken parm hero.

            I have not been to Burrata because that style of pizza is just not my thing but a friend of mine had dinner there several weeks ago and said that the portions were tiny especially the octopus which she said was just laughable, something like three tiny pieces. How are the lunch portions at Burrata.

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              I am wondering why you don't write about Polpettina on the Polpettina thread. Yes, maybe something was terribly wrong with the chicken sandwich that day because it was inedible due to the surfit of garlic. I think you mentioned this and I answered on the Polpettina thread. Are you doubting my experience? Do you think I have an ax to grind? I don't, and the sandwich was inedible.

              I have not been to Burrata at night, and I have not eaten much off the regular menu, just the lunch special menu and one additional item -- the beet salad, which was excellent. The portion seemed about right to me for a lunch side, but I can neither comment on the the dinner portions nor the octopus since I have experience with neither.

          2. I went a few weeks ago. Having sampled a few in the new crop of "coal-fired brick-oven" pizza places popping up in the White Plains area, I thought the pizza here was on the soggy side. Not that tasty either; Iwould recommend Frankie & Fanucci's in Hartsdale or Mamaroneck over it. Also, it is extreley noisy because of all the hard, relective surfaces in the place.

            1. Went for dinner a few days ago and found the food, on the whole good.
              The pizza, which is kind of the point here, I have to give a mixed review.
              I thought the toppings (and choices in the combination thereof) were really good; flavourful and well done.
              The crust, on the other hand is a little on the oddly bland side, and chewy... somewhere on the doughy side.
              It's decent but not amazing.
              On the whole though, a pleasant experience.
              We were surprised that on a mid Sat night they weren't terribly busy though; most of the crowd seemed to be early eating families that were out by 8p. Not a good sign.

              1. Had lunch here today, and the fava bean soup that was part of the lunch special was fabulous. I really like the pizza and think the crust is very flavorful with the char. We both had the spicy soprasatta.

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                  I don't get the carping about Burrata. These guys are preparing pizza at the highest level. You will have to travel to the glorious Brooklyn ovens of Franny's, Roberta's and Totonno's to experience pizza this delicious. Those who appreciate real pizza will love Buratta.

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                    I think I might try it tomorrow. I have heard many "reviews" from locals and almost everyone has told me that Polpettina is better than Burrata. That being said, everyone one of those people I consistently disagree with and I have tried Polpettina twice and disliked it..

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                      "real pizza"??
                      There is nowhere in Italy with a crust anything like as doughy and bland as at Buratta.

                      as an aside, that fava bean soup was the "special" on Saturday as well... how long do 'specials' last?

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                        Maybe as long as favas are in season?

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                        I would say that polpetinna, jt straws, za za, tarry lodge, re napoli, sals sicilian & salad slices & nicky's white are all equally deliscious on their own merits & are a lot closer then brooklyn! burratta is good but lets not get carried away!

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                        Finally tried the place, but have to be completely honest. A friend went and brought me half. I ate it when I got home. I had to heat it up, but took two bites cold. It was the parigi, with onions, gruyere, pancetta and thyme. Cold it was tasteless. Upon reheating the pizza didn't not crisp up at all. The cheese wasn't as seasoned (salt) as I would have liked, but the onions and pancetta were good. All in all, I have to say it was a negative, but I would never completely judge a place on a reheated slice. I look forward to trying it again, but was told by my friend the prices are a little ridiculous for the amount. she mentioned a $12 glass of sangria, which is absurd for Westchester.

                        Any suggestions for pies? I heard the cockles one doesn't live up to the hype or the price.

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                            What's on it. The menu on their website is down. I assume burrata, haha

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                              burratta on a pizza screams wet & soggy mess. why not just put vanilla gelato on a pie then?? it must taste good!!

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                                burrata, of course, mushrooms, porcini oil. The one I had was wonderful - charred chewy crust, not soggy

                        1. Burrata is overpriced and the pizza does not live up to all it's hype. Had the Capra salad which was quite good, a pizza margherita and a artichoke pizza (if not consumed in 5 minutes becomes VERY SOGGY) and a bottle of wine ($39) a Italian red which was very good. In the end $100 (including tip was certainly NOT worth it).

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                            Try the $10 lunch, which includes a soup or salad and a pizza, and which is certainly NOT overpriced!

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                              The lunchtime "special prices" ,while still expensive are a reasonable price.and while not ny style pizza is still very good.the same argument can be made for Anthony's coal fired oven in white plains.Imo both are very good,but I would not go to dinner at either one,I cannot justify spending double on the same meal dependent on the time of day,for the same size portion, so I will only go to these places for lunch.

                              1. re: 51rich

                                I'm surprised you'd classify a goodish sized pizza plus a salad or a soup for $10 in a very nice restaurant where you are sitting down and being waited on as expensive. A couple of slices and a beverage in almost any pizzeria in southern Westchester would be close to that. It's my go-to spot when I meet friends for lunch because I don't think we could do better anywhere else that I can think of.

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                                  not overly expensive,but for a quickie lunch it can add up,by the time beverage and tip are added in,as opposed to some slice joints,but i would consider it a fair price, what i do resent is paying double that for the same meal at a different time (dinner).At least most places with different pricing for lunch and dinner vary the size of the portion

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                                    I see. I've never been there for dinner, so I don't know about the pricing. Water is my beverage of choice, particularly for lunch, so for me it's just tax and the tip. I also think that it's a really nice room.