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Apr 28, 2012 08:32 AM

Pommes Frites at Purdue and SM farmers market on Sundays or Particks Liege waffle stand ???

I was really curious to try this stand but when I dropped by last weekend there was just a large metal chafing dishes for the fries.

It didnt look like they were being fried to order.

Is this correct ? Or was I at the wrong stand or what?

Patrick was nowhere in sight and their were two college age ladies tending the stand.

Anyhow should I give it a try now or ?


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  1. Odd, Patrick has been there each time I've gone.

    His frontage usually says something like "Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches", "Pommes Frites" on it.

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    1. re: J.L.

      Ok. I'll give it another try. I'm always up for finding some great belgian fries or by way of holland.

      And I sorely still miss Benitas frites.

      1. re: kevin

        You must have had the wrong stand. To my knowledge, Patrick's not at any of the Santa Monica Farmers Markets. He was at the West LA FM on Santa Monica blvd. but I haven't seen him there the last couple of weeks. I'm currently trying to track him down for my frites fix. He does have the best in town.

        1. re: machiavelly

          "You must have had the wrong stand. To my knowledge, Patrick's not at any of the Santa Monica Farmers Markets."

          When kevin wrote Purdue and SM Farmers Market in the title of his post the use of "SM" was shorthand for Santa Monica Blvd. and not any of the city of Santa Monica Farmers Markets...

          1. re: machiavelly

            I Found him!!!
            Patrick is at the Thursday sunset strip market in Hollywood ( I think it's 5-9p)
            His stand is called "The Belgian Fry Shack"
            I went this past Thursday and picked up a jumbo frites w/pesto aioli. The best I've had in LA. He said he no longer does the West LA market on Sunday but does MarVista (Sunday) which isn't too far away.
            Enjoy :)

              1. re: baloney

                Haha. Yes-Hollywood not Santa Monica-Had SM on the brain

      2. Patrick's super nice and I'm sure he'd fry some up fresh for you. If he's not manning the stand, he's probably nearby taking a break, he's always there. I like his fries, if he used animal fat they'd be perfect, but that's probably too expensive.

        The guy does have the best waffle in so cal by many many miles though

        1. What/where are we talking about here? I'd love to check it out. I miss the frites from when I used to live in NL.

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          1. re: TravelScholar

            NL ?

            the address is listed above. only on sundays at the farmer's market.

            1. re: TravelScholar

              Call him (626) 201-1742

              To my knowledge he does a few FMs around town. The Sunday one is 9am to 2pm, parking is on Iowa and Corinth/Purdue.

              You can't visit his stand without getting a Liege waffle or 5. You just can't.

              1. re: BrewNChow

                Yes, NL = Netherlands.

                So, this is a guy, not a food truck?

                Where is the farmer's market? I'm not familiar enough to know the streets? Santa Monica??

                1. re: TravelScholar

                  Yes, it's a guy, not a food truck.

                  Here's the location of the farmer's market on a map: The market stretches from Iowa Ave to Santa Monica Blvd along Purdue Ave. Parking lot is on Iowa.

                  Like I said, I'm pretty sure he does other farmer's markets as well, so call him to see when he's most easily accessible.