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Apr 28, 2012 07:10 AM


My kitchenaid just died, but after a number of years. I mainly make shakes and fruit smoothies. Would appreciate suggestions on a fairly quiet blender that does a good job.


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  1. I know this might surprise some here, but I bought an Oster Fusion about five years ago for approximately $80 and it is the best inexpensive blender I have owned for making great chopped ice drinks [frozen margs], salsa, etc. It is quiet and does an excellent job at the under $100 price point.

    1. Vitamix. You can buy any one of them, including refurbished, and they have a much better motor for smoothies than KA. No contest.

      Not cheap, but I have two friends who have been on this smoothie kick for years, and each loves theirs. They don't seem to wear out.

      My KA will be retired soon, and I will be upgrading to one myself.

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        I love my vitamix, but they are not for everyone. You must admit it IS a little insane to spend as much as we did on blenders for home use, even though they are AWESOME.

        1. re: twyst

          My friends use theirs five or six times a week, and one has had one for three years, and another for a lot longer. They each burned through several other blenders before taking the leap. That is why I want to get one too.

      2. I like a simple immersion blender for smoothies. I can make them right in the cup that comes with the blender. Easy peasy. And inexpensive.

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          ditto this ^ the immersion blender works great for smoothies, and easy cleanup.

        2. I have been making smoothies and other things about four times a week for the past three years in an Oster blender like this:
          Mine is marked 600 watts not 500 watts as shown in this description.

          I got it at Target for about $50. Have had no problems with it.

          I don't know if it's considered quiet.

          1. Here's a good link comparing the Oster Fusion with the VitaMix and another high end machine ...

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            1. re: hawkeyeui93

              Thanks for all the advice. I guess my Kitchenaid was noisy, but it sounds like the Oster and Waring blenders are really LOUD. I think the VitaMix is overkill. I make a few smoothies per week. Don;t see why a $100 - $150 blender can't do the trick. Any suggestions on the Waring or Oster -- mainly the noise levels?

              1. re: ededed

                I honestly don't find the Oster Fusion to be overly loud [and being efficient lessens the noise], but I have never owned a VitaMix. All I can speak to is that mine has held up over five years and I have taken it through the paces. I have used it several hundred times to make frozen margaritas, in which I feel that chopping ice is one of the biggest tests you can put a blender through. My wife used it non-stop for two yaers to make baby food and smoothies for our three year old. Every summer/fall, I use it to make gallons and gallons of salsa and spaghetti sauce from my garden's bounty. In sum: It is the best $80 I have ever spent.

                1. re: ededed

                  I can't speak for the Oster, but can speak for vitamix. They are expensive, but I have yet to see one broken. I have worked in many restaurants professionally and all have had the vitamix except for one. All restaurants used the vitamix easily more then 10 times a day, and when doing a massive pot of soup probably 30+ times a day. They have all been 5+ years old when I got to them, some older. None have had any signs of stopping. They've been beyond abused. Overfilled, hot soup seeping into the base, sitting in pools of liquid, the base dropped, the container dropped, spoons and other utensils stuck into the blade. None of them have had a single repair and none have stopped working. They are expensive, but they are obviously worth the money. It may be overkill, but they will last longer then any other appliance you own. The one restaurant that didn't have a vitamix replaced their blender 3 times before I'd left that restaurant.

                  1. re: ededed

                    I have a Blendtec now that I totaly love. I make a lot of smoothies and sometimes use it to turn grain into poweder. Works great for that too.

                    But if a Blendtec and Vitamix is overkill for you, I would get another Kitchenaid. I think the one I had made smoothies just as well as my Blendtec does.
                    I just prefer my blendtec because the pitcher is larger and it should last longer than my Kitchenaid. I use my blender pretty often to make green smoothies with.

                    I baught a Kitchenaid for my daughter and she makes smoothies and baby food in hers and just loves it. She had an inexpensive Oster before and hated it.

                    1. re: dixiegal

                      I still own my inexpensive Oster I bought in college [early-1990's], albeit it is sitting in a box from my last move. The Oster Fusion I am speaking about is Oster's higher-end offering [600 watt] ... I have had good luck with other Kitchen Aid products and I am certain that both the Blendtec and VitaMix are awesome machines. I don't know what convinced me to buy the Oster Fusion [other than it being on sale and Oster had a coupon for it in the newspaper], but I'm feeling pretty good about it after five years of use. My recommendation to the OP is that if she owned her Kitchen Aid for ten-plus years and used it quite a bit, then I would get the twenty-percent off an item coupon from BB&B and buy another.

                      1. re: hawkeyeui93

                        I still own my inexpensive Oster I bought in college [early-1990's], albeit it is

                        My daughters Oster was like a 30.00 one. She just did not like the pitcher and did not think it did the green smoothies very well. I don't know how long it would have lasted had she kept using it. It tended to get too hot if had to work very hard to blend the green smoothies with.

                        I Imagine a higher end Oster would be a different story.
                        Yes, both the Vitamix and Blentecs are awsome. But they ought to be for what they cost. LOL