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Hello -

Does anyone have a suggestion for where to buy the best macarons?

Thank you!

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    1. Or la Maison du Macaron (near Point G, but google it)

      Or do a search, I'm certain there are a few thread about that.

        1. La Maison du Macaron now has a kiosk in Place Montreal Trust. It's near the jewelry store on the tunnel level.

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              I didn't know they were ever in Eaton Center. I goess it's possible the kiosk moves around? Or maybe there is more than one. I saw them in June in PMT.

          1. I bought some at Adonis, they were delicious.

            1. http://cerisesurlegateau.ca/category/...

              some of the best I ever had.

              Point G is inconsistent. I liked them a lot until I bought a large box macaroons to take to my friends house for Christmas - macaroons were too sweet and not flavourful, as usual. Haven't bought macaroons at Point G since then. I do not like unreliable places.

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                I've always found the ones from Point G too sweet.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Yes, they are on a sweeter side, but flavours are good. Well, were good usually. Until that last, really crappy bunch of different macaroons (may be they were just overproducing hastily macaroons for Christmas, and forgot about quality? I dunno)
                  Anyway, try "Cerise sur le gateau" ones- not sweet, moist, perfect. Once with ouzo are my favourite ones from the current selection. Owners are on vacation right now, but when they come back, go see them. "Falco" serves their macaroons as well. :)