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Apr 28, 2012 04:57 AM

Healthy/low-calorie dining options in Disney World?

Hi all! I have been reading all the threads and really appreciate the details (MouseChow- great info!!), but waited too long to get reservations at California Grille, The Brown Derby, etc. I'm in WDW as we speak and will be at the Magic Kingdom today, MGM tomorrow, and Epcot Mon... staying at the Contemporary so have monorail access. I also happen to be an ex-Biggest Loser (about 120 lbs lost), so lower-calorie healthier ideas would be wonderful. From reading other threads I've gathered that maybe chicken soft tacos at a counter service spot in Mexico would be healthy, and someone mentioned Morocco as being "healthier." Would love more ideas/insight from you experts!! Thanks!

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  1. Congratulations on your weight lost! That's awesome. We will be going to Disney World soon & have been scoping out the restaurant menus. Here is a link that can help with your options My husband & I have lost 65 pounds(total together) since January. Sunshine seasons is a great option for a counter service meal in Epcot.Teppan Edo had delicious food for dinner. Artist point was delicious too.Narcoosees-surf & turf (take some of the portion back to the room),Yachtsmans-great scallops(can ask for the appetizer as a dinner portion), Flying Fish- unbelieveable fish & seafood. Just check out the menus. You should be able to come up with alot of options. Remember you are burning alot of calories with that walking in the parks :) I hope this help. Enjoy!

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      It is very easy to eat healthfully at Disney World, assuming you have the willpower. Every single restaurant, including fast-food counters, has at least one vegetarian item, and nearly all also have at least one low-fat item. So, you can get the bacon-cheeseburger but also the salmon with couscous, a chicken wrap, a grilled vegetable sub ... every restaurant does its own thing. You can find up-to-date table-service menus at but need or other sites to see fast food menus.