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Apr 28, 2012 04:00 AM

Brussels recommendations

We have 2 nights planned in Brussels, sandwiched between London and Paris. We'll be arriving Sunday night and leave on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately most of the restaurants we wanted to try are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

So far, I've only found BELGA QUEEN and LOLA from my list that are open on Sundays/Mondays. Do you guys have any other suggestions? We're looking for something modern, casual, European cuisine - preferably with very good mussels (are mussels in season mid June?). We'll be staying at Conrad at Avenue Louise - walking distance is great, but we won't mind short cab rides...

Thank you!

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  1. I was just about to post a similar post regarding dining in Brussels. I will also be there during Europe Day and wanted to ask if that just means that EU types will have the day off or if there is anything more significant (either restaurants closed or something worth checking out).

    1. You could try either Toucan or Toucan-sur-Mer, both of which are open on Sunday evening - the latter being the better choice. La Canne en Ville is open Mondays. Consider also Quincaillerie (close to Conrad) or Brasserie Georges - decor/athmosphere may trump the food but this also applies to Belga Queen.

      Zeeland moules are out of season until July but maybe they can be sourced elsewhere by some restaurants.

      The so-called Europa Day (9th May) is a non-event - maybe a few places close around the Schumann quarter but these are better avoided anyway.

      1. Mussels will not be in season and many restaurants therefore will not serve them. But as other commenters have noted, some restaurants may source from elsewhere. See my recap of Brussels on my blog:

        I would suggest eating around the Saint Catherine area rather than around the Grand Place.

        1. I am going to Brussels soon too! I booked a chocolate tour at Zaabärs and have high hopes for it.