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Where is the best West African restaurant in Montreal?

I'd like to try Senegal's thibou dieun (fish and rice).

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  1. Whatever you do avoid Gracie Africa on Notre-Dame... made the mistake of eating there last week and it was the biggest rip-off value wise I've had in a long time. $40 for a single plate of mostly dried-out rice, microwaved beans and some pieces of rubbery unidentifiable conch. Disgusting.

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      Thanks for the warning,been thinking of going for a long time..

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        Same here... I decided to walk in and place a take-out order on the way home last Thursday - big mistake! I knew it was a bad move as soon as I heard the microwave door opening & slamming shut and constantly beeping every five minutes. I was totally shocked by the bill though, and I'm the type of person that generally only eats out on the higher end in this city. FORTY DOLLARS for a plate of mostly rice, beans and a few microwave zapped plantains and stringy pieces of conch though?? Since when is conch priced the same as Maine lobster? I wasn't expecting to pay half that from a hole in wall ethnic joint in St-Henri, and even so I still would've crossed this place right out. It was utterly tasteless if not for the hot sauce that I doused the plate in, and I felt pretty gross afterward. Don't be fooled by the charm of a tiny family run kitchen... I feel bad saying so, as the proprietor is a sweet woman, but this place is awful and the prices are outrageous. Her homecooking really oughta stay in her own home.

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          There was a West African resto/grocery on Park north of Mont Royal. Is it gone? Also the Mauritanian restaurant in Mile End?

    2. There is a place on Park just north of Mont Royal on the west side of the street. It is a combined grocery/restaurant. Very good and very authentic.

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        could you give name or address, thanks

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          If you mean Djoliba, that place closed about two years ago and was replaced by Tourtière Australienne.


        2. Did you just receive this month's Saveur magazine? I did and was so taken with the article on Senegal that I also wanted to see if there was any decent Senegalese in town!

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            I was driving along Decarie in VSL earlier this week and noticed an African resto in the old Ma's location. I don't remember the name and I didn't notice what region they focused on. I might be in the area today and will try to get more info.

          2. Haven't tried it, but there is Afrodiziac (restaurantafrodiziac.com) on Jean-Talon near l'Acadie. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, not knowledgeable on African cuisine but considering what little African restaurants we have in Mtl, I might as well suggest it. Comments and review were pretty good, but all date back a few years. If you search this board, you'll see I almost went once, but the lady ended up cancelling for our group because there was a snowstorn. Definitely a family place.

            1. The place in VSL is called Chez Khady and seems to be Senagalese based on this blog, http://lesdessousdemontreal.com/2011/....

              It's right next to Tache de Cafe.

              Anyone been?

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                not sure if those are west african but there's Hot Africa on Queen Mary near metro Snowdon and Tombouctou on cote des neiges next to the second cup

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                  so yeah I checked out Tombouctou and it's definitely West African. The restaurant is on the 2nd floor, and there's a grocery store as well in the same building. The alloco was okay, although I didn't expect the plantains to be sweet. It was my first time that I tried attieke, so I'm not sure how it would compare but it seemed okay. The grilled chicken was served some veggies on top, it was nicely seasoned although it felt just a little dry. The portions were reasonable. It was nothing spectacular but i'll definitely try it out again.

                  Also on the front of the store, it says they have buffets during lunch. The lady told me they don't do it anymore but they still have lunch specials. Next time I go, I should definitely try something more a little more authentic like their yassa, maffe or sauce feuille.

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                  Ive been to Chez Kady twice. First time I had Thiebu Djen (Fish Stew With Rice), and was disappointed by how dry the fish was. Everything was clearly just put in the microwave. Second time I had maffe, and was let down once again and I will not be returning.

                3. On this note, would love any ideas about where to find (Nigerian) shito in Mtl - restaurant OR grocery.

                  1. I wonder if anyone else has tried Akwaba (on Bélanger Est). I found the concept to be quite unique (African & Greek fusion), as the chef seems to be from Cote d'Ivoire (I could be mistaken) and lived and worked as a chef in Greece for many years before coming to Montreal.

                    I was there last night with some friends and we all enjoyed a great, copious meal.

                    I tried the acras de morue (cod fritters) and the alloko (fried plantains) which were both very tasty. The fritters are very different from the Portuguese-style accras de morue to which I'm used, but they were good nonetheless.

                    For my main I had the beef choukouya with manioc coucous. It was excellent. I also tried some of what my friends have ordered (akwaba half-chicken and chicken kedjenou), and really liked them, too. Very well seasoned and tasty.

                    They had a few fish options in the menu, but since I know very little about West African food, I'm not sure the kind of fish the OP (épikurien) was looking for is available there.

                    In any case, I found the African-Greek combination to be quite interesting, and worth checking out (even if I didn't try any of their Greek specialties). I found the meat dishes to be a tad too expensive, but this is the kind of thing I have to deal with for not being a fan of chicken.

                    I found the portions to be really big, so I guess if you like chicken (and can thus stick to the cheaper dishes), you're in for a treat (we left with a decent amount of leftovers).

                    FYI, and it's a BYOW.

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                      Here is their website: http://restaurantakwaba.com/resto.html

                      Unfortunately their menu is "à venir"...

                      That sounds intriguing, and very good to try - I've never been there. Easy for us to get to, via the Bélanger bus from the JTM area.

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                        I found their menu online here:http://www.restomontreal.ca/en/4096/A...
                        It is pretty accurate and up to date. If you do go there, let me know how you like it and how you think it compares to other places.

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                          I went this week and and I really only have great things to say about it. The flavours were really explosive and they brought a fantastic hot sauce on the side. We had the Acras de Morue, the braised half chicken plate with manioc couscous( the best part of the dish) and a fried whole dorade fish served with salad and the most mouth watering plantains as I have never had them before, plump and juicy and very moist. I would say this is the best restaurant I have dined at in a really long time. It's bring your own wine as well and the prices arent cheap but are reasonable.


                    2. Anybody ever tried l'Abidjanaise restaurant? I believe the owners are from the Ivory Coast. Place is on Cote des Neiges close to Van Horne and the pawn shop.Place opened about a year ago I believe. A little ghetto-looking but hopefully that would mean I'd get great value. Not like West African cuisine is supposed to pretend that it's something that is not, as opposed to *cough East African.


                      And what about Hot Africa on Queen Mary, I've walked by this place so many times but never bothered going in.