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Apr 27, 2012 07:54 PM

Reservations needed in Santa Fe and Albuquerque?

I'm coming to both places the week of May 6 and wonder... if we want to eat in some good restaurants (Geronomo, Coyote Cafe, Los Equipales, etc.) do we need to make reservations days in advance? Hours? (We basically can't stand around waiting for a table, so would prefer to have reservations but I'm trying to gauge if we need to book now or can wait until we arrive or shortly prior.)

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  1. Fair question. Shortly prior is generally totally fine.

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    1. re: finlero

      So within 24 hours will work... thanks!

      1. re: waldrons

        Obviously longer is safer, but in my experience, reservations are pretty easy to come by, except maybe around Indian Market or the Balloon Fiesta.

        1. re: waldrons

          IF you have a tight schedule and can't take a chance on getting the time you want, I would book ahead on the upscale places that you absolutely want to visit.

          1. re: DebitNM

            It's always safer to have a booking, I guess. I'll put a few things in place before we arrive.

      2. I checked Open Table around dinner time last Friday and La Boca was booked from roughly 6:00 - 8:30 pm but just about every other place in town had a prime time table available. Especially on the weeknights you should be OK with last minute arrangements but if you have your heart set on a specific place for your weekend meals some advance planning may be in order.