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Apr 27, 2012 06:38 PM

Bergen Co. Baking Supply Stores?

Looking for a baking supply store in Bergen Co. Thanks

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  1. for ingredients or equipment & supplies? anything specific?

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    1. re: sixelagogo

      My 11 yr old daughter recently started baking. She's looking for items like a pastry bag, glycerin for fondant, cake baking tools etc. p.s. her baked goods are delicious!

      1. re: michele cindy

        If price is no object, then Chef Central. If you want simpler cheaper, Restaurant Depot, but you need to know someone since it is not open to the public.

        1. re: Picnicchef

          I agree - shop in Chef Central, but buy in Restaurant Depot, or if you are open for a little drive - Bridge Kitchenware in Madison. Another nice thing would be to check out what is available at the King Arthur and get excited for it to come in the mail. Encourage it - what a great thing.

        2. re: michele cindy

          I started baking at an even younger age. Good for her!

      2. Chef Central has an INSANE amount of baking supplies

        1. Many of the craft and party stores sell Wilton cake baking supplies. That's a start at least.

          1. AC Moore has a nice selection of Wilson products for baking and also for candy making.

            1. Thanks everyone! We ended up at AC Moore, I have a membership for Restaurant Depot, if she gets really serious then I will check out their stuff too. Where is Chef Central?

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              1. re: michele cindy

                Route 17 North, Paramus. Right after Century Road.

                1. re: Picnicchef

                  Chef Central also has cooking and baking classes for children.