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Killer week in Austin for Newbie

Hey Guys,

Been following this forum for a while and have been doing a lot of research along the way. My wife and I are traveling to Austin in a couple of weeks. I am trying to decided on food and wanted to run my list of 7 glorious days of dining in Austin. I've never been here but am excited to try your neck of the woods. I live in Asheville,NC and will be taking a 7 day vacation with me wife. We want to hit the most exciting solid food joints in town and price doesn't matter. As in, it makes no difference if it cost $15 or $200 to eat. We just desire the coolest and best food you have! We enjoy, clean, creative and damn good food! So here it is and any help and suggestions are appreciative. Cheers!

day 1.Lunch -La Condesa

Dinner -Uchiko

2. Coffee-Patika


Dinner- Wink

3. Coffee-Cafe Medici

Brunch-Foreign and Domestic


4. Breakfast- South Congress Cafe

Lunch-Frank with coffee to follow

Dinner-Barley Swine

5. Coffee-Mozarts

Lunch-Home Slice
Ice Creak-Lick


6. Lunch-La Contigo

Happy Hour-Parkside


7.Last Night

Elephant bar for Jazz

Dinner-food trucks all night!!!!'

Thanks again fro any help and we look forward to visiting your amazing city.

Austin Here We Come....

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  1. Thats going to be an AMAZING week. Looks like you are trying to hit the big guns here in town, so Im a little surprised to not see congress or franklins on the list.

    Its a VERY solid list though

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    1. re: twyst

      Concerning Franklin-Wife isn't a big meat eatter
      Congress-Got mixed review concerning qulaity and price. Anything worth dropping?

      1. re: oliviafoodie

        Well you have my sympathy on having to avoid franklin's, it really is that good :p

        As for Congress, my experiences have been very positive and I expect Chef Bull's star to continue to rise for a while.

    2. You've slotted Contigo at lunchtime. Contigo is mostly outdoors, delicious, and some of the best cocktails in Austin. Go in the evening when things are cooling off and enjoy the small plates w/ copious drinks.

      I don't know what to bump... I haven't done Lenoir, and my last visit to Olivia was shaky, but the rest of your nighttime picks are solid. (Which food trucks are on your roadmap for the last night? Plenty of really bad ones you'll want to avoid. I wish that spontaneity could be more reliably rewarded!)

      1. Sounds like a great itinerary. Three quick comments. Personally, I'd switch Olivia and Foreign and Domestic for Brunch and Dinner. But thats because I LOVE Olivia's brunch, and F&D's papardelle with truffle butter and a soft egg is sinfully good. Plus, then you can hit Tigress, Drink.Well, or Workhorse afterwards for a little digestif drinking. Secondly, on your last night if you are hitting the Elephant Room, consider heading upstairs to Swift's Attic (literally upstairs) for dinner, or at least some cocktails and snacks before searching out the food trucks. Also, I would switch out Frank with Easy Tiger, or consider Taco Deli + Houndstooth Coffee. No matter what though, you have a winner of a week there. Cheers!

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        1. re: Homero

          Second Olivias for brunch. Both the steak and eggs or the any of their omelettes have been delicious and special.

          1. re: Homero

            YES. Swift's Attic. Outstanding.

          2. I would probably get rid of Frank, and definitely add Congress, one of the best meals of my life was enjoyed there, and as long as you don't mind it being expensive, it is amazing.

            1. a few questions to perhaps give some suggestions:

              1. are your brunch days 2 and 3 on the weekend?
              that would give us an idea of when you are here.
              some restaurants close one day a week.

              2. austin is not known for its pizza.
              if you live in, or come from a city with great pizza, home slice will be okay.
              you should probably choose something else for lunch on day 5.

              3. not sure about happy hour at parkside then dinner at uchi.
              both are known for their seafood.
              you may want to mix it up with something different.

              4. here is a good food truck website:
              suggestions of places that get lots of board love:
              three little pigs
              peached tortilla
              la tasca
              east side king
              g'raj mahal


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              1. re: dinaofdoom

                I totally agree about ditching Home Slice. I personally find it solidly mediocre.

                Also, don't you have an open lunch spot for day 7?

              2. Killer week indeed! I'm lucky to hit most of those places in a year.

                Really, a great list... you won't go wrong with those choices. I might add Olive & June in there in place of Uchi. Since you're already hitting Uchiko, plus you're planning HH at Parkside, I might want to mix in something different.

                Also, make sure you leave yourself enough time to enjoy the sights and scenes! A few of the places on your list are geographically dispersed, and traffic pretty much city-wide grinds to a halt from about 7:00 - 9:00 and 4:00 - 7:00 on weekdays, and basically 24 hours a day on I-35.
                They're all more or less central, but just beware of traffic.

                1. I'd personally nix Wink. You've got a couple of other restaurants on the list that fit in the same category (Olivia esp comes to mind). This is just my opinion, but for me, Wink was like one of those movies you watch that you didn't mind, but never care to see again. There was nothing really bad to say about the food; it was tasty, but it wasn't anything particularly amazing. It was way too expensive, and the vibe seemed snobby yet dated. Hey- maybe I'm too young, but it was just a little too West Austin yuppie for me. The parking lot was literally ALL BMWs. Certainly nothing wrong with that, just not my style.

                  One place I'll throw in that might draw some ire on here is Justine's. It's a pretty polarizing place on the Austin CH board. I'll agree that its food is nothing amazing; it's typical French brasserie type stuff- duck confit, steak tartare, yada yada. BUT... it's tasty, cheap (typically everything on the menu is in the $15 range) and, most importantly, fun. Great atmosphere, good people watching... sit outside and have some drinks, maybe play a game of petanque. It's noisy, bustling, interesting. Call me crazy, but I'd take that place over Wink any day, period.

                  One other place I'd recommend in the lunch/brunch zone is Blue Dahlia. Very tasty, nice vibe, nice people. Their egg salad tartine is one of my favorite things in town. Simple, delicious, perfect.