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Apr 27, 2012 05:10 PM

Ramps - where to buy?

I live in the South End and for years I've been hearing how amazing ramps taste. I've never seen any sold anywhere in the city. Does anyone know where I can get a bundle?

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  1. They've been for sale at Russo's in Watertown for the last few weeks, but I'd hurry: the season isn't long.

    1. I've seen them in the past at Savenor's and Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge (not SE which doesn't have produce, I think) but I haven't looked this year. Russo's would be cheaper than those two. They aren't cheap at all per pound, but remember they are light!

      1. Whole Foods Brighton had them today (as well as fiddleheads). You might want to try calling your closest Whole Foods to see if they have them too.