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Apr 27, 2012 04:13 PM

Tasting menu availability and cost for lunch and dinner at Paris 3 star

Just wondering if anyone on the ground would be able to help me compile some data for a trip to Paris that I am planning this summer. It is extremely difficult to find information on many of the websites of the 3 stars in Paris. I am trying to decide on 2-3 to visit for dinner but want to keep an open mind about lunch.

The 10 3 stars in Paris are:

Guy Savoy
Pierre Gagnaire
Plaza Athenee (Ducasse)
Pre Catelan

If any of you know, could you tell me if they serve a tasting menu for lunch, dinner or both and what the cost is at each sitting? I know this is not really a discussion but a request for data so I apologize if it is offputting.

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  1. For this level of info either buy the latest Michelin guide or use their web site "via Michelin" to get the info. For example L'Arpege is listed in Michelin as having a lunch menu at €120, dinner menu at €320 and ALC from €182 to €287. The site also tells you when they close over the summer etc.

    If nothing else Michelin is pretty good for the basic data, OK it doesn't give menus but you can cross reference with the restaurant sites the L'Arpege example works well although some sites have less detail. One challenge is how the term "menu" is used, in some places this is the standard three or four courses with couple of options per course. In others the "menu" is full degustation with lots of courses but usually no choice. And in some they do la couple of set menus of 3 to 5 courses (with choice) plus a full degustation plus full ALC. You can join the dots on Michelin by assuming €80 to €120 is going to be a "simple" 3 to 5 course meal often only served at lunch, whilst a €250 to €35o menu will be a full multi course degustation extravaganza possibly at lunch but usually at dinner. On ALC assume €80+ for starters, and €120++ for main courses - this I how you get to the €182 to €287 for ALC at L'Arpege.

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      Oh that is so obvious... My apologies.

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        No need to apologies - their web site is really good for basic details (and is free). It has crap search capability so you need to go by town then by number of stars but it is good on facts especially opening times and holidays. That said always good to triangulate with the board when you need the qualitative data and insights into style and nature of a place.