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Apr 27, 2012 03:45 PM

Backup plan for Vij's?

Does anybody know a good spot to go if Vij's line is unreasonable? We are thinking of going there during an upcoming trip to Vancouver, but would like to have a backup spot within walking distance if the line is too long.

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  1. Well if your tastebuds can adjust their expectations, I like Suika around the corner on Broadway for Japanese. There's also Memphis Blues for bbq, but I've not been and depending where you're from could disappoint.

      1. Cru on Broadway, btwn Granville & Hemlock ?

        1. I second Suika if a unique Japanese experience is a appropriate replacement for an Indian one. If you really want Indian food Vij has a far more casual restaurant next door to Vij's called Rangoli. and four blocks away is a Maurya (on Broadway near Fir). Maurya has traditional North Indian food in a nice space and is in the same price range as Vij's.
          Siena and Cru which have also been recommended are solid. Siena does not do reservations and can get line ups with the pre-theatre crowd. Cru's main attraction is its wine list.

          1. Edible Canada at Granville Island is meant to be pretty good