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Apr 27, 2012 03:12 PM

Restaurant Near Rt. 91 between Chicopee and Greenfield?

I'm planning to head to Greenfield via Interstate 91. Can anyone suggest a quiet restaurant, one that is conducive for conversation, and is near that highway? I prefer one where the chef is proud of his ingredients.

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  1. i very much like alina's in south deerfield. it's higher end italian and conversation friendly, but dinner only. don't know which meal you were after. hope & olive in greenfield is also quite good, although it can be a bit noisier towards dinner time. always nice & quiet at lunch, however. chandler's (at yankee candle) is also quite decent for wither lunch or dinner. a couple more bucks than it should be, but they deal with tourists for the most part. all these places use local stuff as much as they can, so perhaps one will suit your needs. they all have easier parking than you'd find in some other places as well.

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      but the food is always ruined for me by the disgusting candle smell! Hope and Olive is a much better choice.

      1. re: magiesmom

        they (always) only use unscented candles in the restaurant for that exact reason

    2. It appears from your profile that you are not from the area, so I'd like to ask why you are looking for a restaurant between Chicopee and Greenfield, when they are not very far away from each other. If you have simply misjudged the distance, I would say to wait until you get to Greenfield to eat whichever meal you are looking for. If not, I would agree with fatheryod, that Chandlers is a good bet.It would help, though, to know if you are looking for lunch or dinner. Also, how near the highway would you like to be?

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        Just to clarify, I'm planning to have lunch in the area. And yes, hilltowner, I may have misjudged the distance between Chicipee and Greenfield; the mileage from the highway is relative--there are certain restaurants that are so good that they are "worth the detour."

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          well, if it's a quiet lunch you want, i suggest hope & olive. you can check their menu at their site <<>>. people's pint in greenfield is solid for lunch as well, but it's a pretty noisy room and cash only as well.

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            Hope & Olive gets rave reviews and sounds like it's what you're looking for. I'd guess 45 minutes or so from point to point depending on where in Chicopee you start, FYI. Northampton has lots of great restaurants, though the chef-owned farm-to-table type places tend to be dinner only. I'm not a big fan of Chandler's--not terrible, but you can do so much better around here.