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Apr 27, 2012 03:07 PM

Where would you go for a great birthday lunch?

Looking for suggestions for a fantastic birthday lunch in NYC. Last meal was Del Posto for lunch and that was excellent. Budget is $200 for 2 tip and tax included, no alcohol. However, that is pushing it a little bit, so $150 would be much better. So, with that in mind, you're celebrating a great friends birthday, where do you take her?


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  1. Le Bernardin, if you like seafood. Otherwise, Jean Georges.

    1. The Modern Dining Room. $55 for 2 courses + dessert.

      Tocqueville. $29 for the 3-course lunch prix-fixe.

      1. Bouley for a multi-course tasting menu with options for $55.

        1. Jean Georges is still a deal at $39 for two courses, $19 for every extra course. You could each have an extra course to make it a three-course lunch, and it comes out to be just under $150 after tip and tax. And don't forget it still comes with amuse-bouche, mignardises, etc. DP may be the most affordable NYT 4-star lunch, but JG is much better at a little extra cost and still lot cheaper compared to other NYT 4-stars (sorry, recent bad experience at DP lunch.)