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Apr 27, 2012 02:12 PM

Inexpensive Restaurants in the Park Slope Area

Hi: I will be staying in the Park Slope area for one week. Any suggestions as to inexpensive Italian, Greek, Fish and Asian restaurants in the area?

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  1. How inexpensive is inexpensive?
    Initial suggestion: Asian: Tofu on Seventh
    Fish: Littleneck on Third Ave. in Gowanus

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      1. re: bookpleasures

        10-15 dollars total price? per entree? what kind of ammenities are you expecting for that price? are you ok with counter service? are you looking for sit-down or take out? park slope isnt that small of a neighborhood - is there a side/destination you're looking to be close to?

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          I am looking for restaurants comparable to Tofu on the 7th and Anthony's. Both seem to have fairly good reviews. Any other suggestions besides these two that have a similar price range.

          1. re: bookpleasures

            responded on the other thread you started.

            If you are over at the N Slope end, there are additional places likc Chick-P, Kulushkat with very good Felafel, not the range of mideastern sit down of Mr. Felafel, however.
            For Italian, again in Prospect Hts, Amorina is a very good budget choice for individual pizzas pasta and good salads. Cubano Cafe offers good value for Cuban sandwiches and fancier dishes (along with very strong and lim-y drinks.)

            Others will have to advise more on midslope and south slope but 7th avenue seems weak on Budget choices except for those mentioned so far

            1. re: bookpleasures

              Cafe Steinhof - Austrian on 7th Ave
              Athena - Greek/Mediterranean on 6th Ave
              Coco Roco - peruvian on 5th Ave
              Geido - Japanese on Flatbush at 7th Ave
              JPan on 5th
              All in your price range.
              Korzo on 5th has $5.00 goulash on Monday nights

              1. re: michelley

                I assume the OP is looking for cheap, good food, not merely cheap. I dont think JPan qualifies, and Steinhof is marginal. I'd recommend Bark on Bergen St for gourmet hot dogs and Der Kommisar on 5th Ave near 16th St for tasty Austrian sausages and beer. Juventino on 5th Ave offers an excellent breakfast/lunch menu daily until around 4pm, with most items around $10.
                Who recommended Anthony's? I find it solidly mediocre.

                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  Are you saying JPAN is not good or not cheap!? It's not the cheapest, but certainly the best sushi in the hood!

                  1. re: secondbecky

                    What do you like there? I find it awful.

                  2. re: Peter Cuce

                    Have to disagree with you on your characterization of Cafe Steinhof as "marginal" (although I admit I'm not sure what that means), at least when it comes to lunch. I'm not sure there is a better lunch to be found in Park Slope than the meatloaf sandwich at Steinhof, accompanied by a glass of good German beer. I think they put out reasonably good meals at reasonably good prices, which in my mind qualifies them as a worthy neighborhood spot.

                    1. re: Peter Cuce

                      Also Coco Roco was abysmal the last time I was there- if anything I'd recommend el pollo over that.

                      1. re: araess

                        How Coco Roco stays in business I have no idea...

                    2. re: michelley

                      Coco Roco has some of the driest chicken and worst sides of any Peruvian chicken joint. I've been to.

                      El Pollo is better, it's OK.

                      Brooklyn Larder is exceptional and you can put together a wonderful charcuterie plate for $15.

                      Chip Shop and Tofu are also good values. Chip Shop being wonderful, Tofu being good.

            2. Hanco's for banh mi (they also have a limited Vietnamese menu). No waiter service but a comfortable seating area.

              Lunch @ 12th Street Bar and Grill

              Zito's Sandwich Shoppe -- Italian sandwiches

              Chip Shop -- fish and chips

              Nuevo Mexico -- Mexican

              Bar Toto -- they have a $10 lunch special; food is just OK, but nice if you're looking for some outdoor seating

              If you want to pick up some stuff and take it to Prospect Park, Russo's for gigantic sandwiches (1 feeds 2 people) and their fresh mozzarella. You can also pick up some cheese, bread and charcuterie at Blue Apron Foods and have a picnic in the park as well.

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              1. Miss Needle and jen kalb covered most of the options i would have suggested - greek, fish and asian (especially cheaply) are not park slope strengths, in my book (italian is debatable, not something i usually seek out in the neighborhood but there is certainly quite a bit of it.)

                One thing id say is that, depending on what side of the 'hood youre in, the N/Q or D trains can get you into chinatown pretty quickly (you'd have to take the R to dekalb to switch for a D, but from there its one stop into chinatown). not only will the inexpensive asian options be more plentiful, they will be more inexpensive and more accustomed to serving patrons with higher expectations of authenticity.

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                1. re: tex.s.toast

                  But, a trip to Chinatown adds $4.50 per person to the cost of the meal. Not insignificant when one is looking for an out-the-door price of under $15.

                  1. re: bobjbkln

                    only if you dont have an unlimited metrocard - which ill consider may possibly be the case for some people, but its not how i was thinking.

                2. Song can be great if you hit it right! I like the beef salad.

                  1. Some South Slope options -- Sai Thai on 5th Avenue if you like spicy food...although they have been mixed the last few times we've ordered from there. Four and Twenty Blackbirds for a savory pie and pastry. Szechuan Garden on 5th avenue and (17th?) ONLY for the spicy szechuan menu (double cooked streaky pork, beef with napa cabbage, you might want to tell them not too spicy, will still be spicy).

                    Not on your list, but we really like Oaxaca for tacos...

                    ETA I second the rec's for Bark and Brooklyn Larder. BL has some great sandwiches and ice cream...