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Apr 27, 2012 01:16 PM

Virginia Beach Eats

Looking for some good places to eat in Va Beach.
Not into the real touristy stuff with fried everything and boardwalk fare.
More like diamonds in the ruff places, good seafood, and engaged service.
Any tips?

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  1. We were in Virginia Beach last month. We had similar ideas about meals as well: stay away from the tourist places. While I wrote up our meals on my blog, I am not trying (well not too hard...) to push my blog. However, we did like Mojito Cafe quite a bit. If you like Latin influences, it is a good choice. We tried Nick's Seafood, and liked the local flavor of it. Finally, we ate at Belvedere's for breakfast and liked that too. You can take a look at our blog at for more details. You could also just poke around. When we opened our eyes, we found many interesting looking places to eat.

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      Great will have a look, last time we there I only ventured around the boardwalk, was very underwhelmed. The new hotel had some trendy place that was attractive but way over priced for the net experience, and the rest of the beach haunts were over priced and provided poor to average eating experiences at best.

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        I really enjoyed Mojito Cafe last fall while in town visiting my aunt. I had a rice/bean bowl with roast pork, a side of tostones, and bread pudding for dessert. Delicious.

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          is Mojito Cafe still there? I tried their website and it is gone, replaced with one of those cyber squatter sites

        2. We loved the pizza place with "pi" in its name, a couple blocks off the boardwalk. Great sangria.
          I have to admit that I liked Mahi Mah's.

          1. It all depends on how far you are willing to travel. If you want to stay close to the beach and want a high end option, try Terrapin. Its pricey but you get what you pay for. Probably the best kitchen in the entire Hampton Roads region. Mojito Cafe is great but very small. Be prepared to wait for a table on a busy night. If you want to head about ten miles south near the Pungo area, Boardwok is great Asian American food. Everything is made fresh to order. Also, there is a fairly new Lao/Thai cafe called Som Bao. The food is delicious and the Lao options are an education (a tasty education).

            1. Keith, Here are some local favorites for seafood: Rockafeller's, Tautogs, Rudee's, Mahi-Ma's, Big Sam's, Waterman's and C.P. Shucker's. All are at the Oceanfront area. On the Bay check out: Lynnhaven Fish House, Bubba's, Chick's, and Alexander's. Others located away from the ocean and Bay: Lucky Oyster, Captain George's and Yukai Buyffe. Enjoy your visit.

              1. Leaping Lizard Cafe is a bit away from the Oceanfront area, but very good.