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Apr 27, 2012 12:48 PM

Lewisberg Restaurant-PLEASE HELP

In town for an event next Sat. night and need the BEST restaurant in the area. I heard that Elizabeth's is a good choice. I am used to fabulous NYC food.

Thank you!!!!!

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    1. In short, yes. Elizabeth's remains the best dining in the Lewisburg area, with consistently high standards and quality ingredients. You would have to drive more than an hour to Harrisburg to find anything of comparable quality. It may not achieve the highest standards of great NYC or Philadelphia restaurants, but it is one of the best in Central Pennsylvania.

      1. Yes, Elizabeth's. Call to make reservations asap, a must a weekendnight.

        It has been a long time since we were at Reba and Panchos. She (and maybe he) came from Elizabeth's years (6 or 7?) ago. I know other foodies that love it. Last I knew, it was BYOB.

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          Thank you all for the advice......