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Apr 27, 2012 12:31 PM

Jade Palace (Carrboro) - Cantonese menu?

I haven't been to Jade Palace in ages, and from what I remember they serve standard American-Chinese food. OK for what it was, but not something I'm going to go out of my way for. The other day I found myself surrounded by undergrads for several hours, including a group of Chinese-American students who were evaluating the local Chinese food scene. One of them was raving about the Cantonese food at Jade Palace. Well, now I'm thinking about dinner so I went to the Jade Palace website to see if the menu is really that different than I remember - They do have a separate Cantonese menu, but no English translation! Is there anyone out in Chowhound-land who can post a translation? Thanks!

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  1. Left column

    Appetizers (cold I assume)
    Chicken feet
    Jelly fish skin
    Jelly fish head (the whole thing?) not a fan of jellyfish anyway
    Marinated Beef shank
    Fried pork intestine
    Char siu

    Peking duck
    Roasted chicken with red fermented tofu (nam yee)
    Chicken with scallions
    Baked salt crusted chicken
    Steamed chicken
    Soy sauce chicken

    Pork intestine stir fired with pickled veggies
    Sweet and sour pork
    Salt and pepper pork chops
    Peking pork chops
    Pork tripe stir fried with XO sauce
    Pork tripe stir fried with pickled veggies

    Seafood tofu soup
    "west lake" beef soup
    Fish maw crab soup

    Fried fish with tofu (my favorite)
    Pork with dried pickled greens
    Oyster with ginger and scallions
    Lamb with tofu skin
    Beef brisket with chu hou sauce
    Pork with purple yams (ube)
    Frog legs with chestnuts

    Sizzling hot plate
    Oysters with XO sauce
    Seafood medly
    Flanken beef short ribs with XO sauce
    Steak with black pepper sauce
    Frog legs!

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      Right column

      Buddhist Delight
      Water spinach with red fermented tofu
      Stir fried assorted veggies
      Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
      Stir fried luffa

      Scallops and shrimp with XO sauce
      Stir fried fish fillet with celery with XO sauce
      Flounder with XO sauce
      "Typhoon Shelter" fried clams (chili garlic sauce)
      Sautéed sliced sea whelks with chives
      Seafood pan fried noodles
      Sat and pepper frog legs
      Fried shrimp
      Clams with black bean sauce
      Abalone with veggies
      Pan fried flounder

      Flanken short ribs with black pepper sauce
      Steak with sweet and sour sauce
      "French style" steak cubes
      Sir fried beef with veggies
      Beef with oyster sauce

      Noodle soups
      Shrimp wonton
      Beef brisket and wontons
      Marinated duck

      Fried rice/noodles
      Fried noodles with oyster sauce
      Beef chow fun
      Beef chow fun with greens
      Singapore mei fun
      Fujian mei fun
      Tai Pang mei fun
      Fried noodles with seafood
      Fried rice with saled fish and chicken

      Bon appetit!

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        Wow, you're amazing. Thank you. Have you tried anything from this menu?

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            Thank you! This is wonderful. I just returned from Hong Kong and was wondering about whether Cantonese food was available around here. Can't wait to visit!

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                I'm so excited. Thanks from Panski. I am so looking forward to enjoying this menu.

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                  woah this is great; and it's right near me. Mpj & Keven thanks so much.

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                    Eager to hear if this place is good.

            1. We just got back from dinner at Jade Palace. My feelings are a little mixed, but mostly positive. First warning - Do not go on Sunday, at least during the academic year. They were out of a number of dishes we tried to order such as the lamb with tofu skin casserole and a few of the vegetables such as pea tips, water spinach, and I think a few others. Apparently they had most of these things on Friday and sold out.

              We ordered the fried fish and tofu casserole, beef chow fun, and "mixed Chinese vegetables." The fish and tofu was very good, mildly but distinctly flavored. The ginger was strong in a good way and the sauce was a deep brown and slightly thick. The chow fun was mostly as one would expect with the exception of the noodles. They were more delicate than what you usually get and that absolutely improved the dish.

              My only real problem was with the vegetables. Since most of what we wanted was not available, we chose to go with our standby, gai larn in oyster sauce. The waiter/manager was pushing us strongly towards the "Chinese mixed vegetables" so we changed our order. I didn't feel to good about making the change and even commented that if we ended up with a plate of broccoli and carrots I would be very upset. Unfortunately we did get a plate of cliched American vegetables - broccoli, carrots, zucchini, white mushrooms, and the ubiquitous canned water chestnuts and baby corn - in a somewhat Americanized Szechuan-style sauce. It wasn't bad for what it was, I suppose, but it wasn't anything you couldn't find on any take-out menu in the area. Absolutely not what I wanted to eat and, as I result, I didn't.

              The staff who were working tonight for the most part did not speak English well and I'm sure that contributed to the problem. They were very kind and interested in how we liked the meal and, oddly enough, did not seem surprised that we were disappointed with the vegetable dish.

              We gave them a heads-up that their restaurant is getting talked up on line and that a menu translation is making the rounds. Hopefully they will not be too surprised when a bunch of Westerners start ordering solely off the traditional menu.

              Long story short - if we lived closer I would be happy to go back much more often. I think I would just be more likely to stick to my guns about what I'm ordering.