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Apr 27, 2012 12:21 PM

MA/Boston food wedding favor idea?

Getting married in Boston this fall and trying to think of a clever favor idea. Necco waffers have been considered but with the pastels they are almost too traditional! Has anyone seen small jars of fluff? any other ideas???

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    1. re: MABMAQ

      Does it have to be food, or food related? Nice oyster knife?

    2. I recently received these chocolate covered cranberries at a local wedding.

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      1. re: Infomaniac

        cranberry jam or chutney would be nice too.

      2. LA Burdick has gourmet chocolate in the shape of mice and penguins. My fiance wanted these but I said they cost too much. I actually don't like the flavor of their mice or penguins that much. They start at 3.25$ per piece.

        We ended up deciding to do Chocolate/candy molds of lips and moustaches. We figured they would be fun for photos and people could have fun with them at the tables. They are also very cheap but DIY. You can find molds online or at Michaels Craft Store.

        1. Boston Baked Bean candy?

          1. like that idea of choco covered cranberries. keychain w/ a clam on it? little sample size jugs of maple syrup(new england really, but very delish).