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Milton - quick good eats, friendly and comfy

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Sunday at 5 is a hard time to find somewhere, but we have a scheduled three person mtg in Milton,. Should be as near as possible to Milton Academy. Can't be fancy or expensive, but has to be cozy/comfortable/pleasant. argh. ideas?

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  1. Maybe 88 Wharf in Milton Landing? It's slightly upscale, but casual and comfortable, and prices aren't too bad. Or you could do The Ledge in Lower Mills, which is about 2 blocks north of the Milton line.

    1. Food wise, 88 Wharf is a bit more ambitious than the Ledge, but can be a bit inconsistent. The setting can't be beat, though, for the area. Abbey Park in East Milton is also fine, and about the same distance away from Milton Academy.

      1. Those are the three obvious choices. Of those, the Ledge is the quckest and likely the friendliest. The food has definitely improved there, too.

        Tavolo is only 5 min up the street from the Ledge, just to throw that out there.

        1. A few minutes up rte 28 south is Newcombs. Family style, good food and great prices

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            I go to Newcombe Farms pretty often and really like the breakfast dishes.. It can get a bit noisy if it's crowded.