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Apr 27, 2012 11:45 AM

Cancun Recommendations on Blvd Kukulcan (Hotel Zone)

Heading to Cancun for the first time next week. We'll be at the Westin Lagunamar, and prefer to stay in the hotel zone. It's my understanding there are quite a few choices in the area. We'd prefer good seeafood, mexican, and anything hounders recommend.

Thank you!

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  1. El Fish Frittanga is a good choice for a laid back seafood meal right on the lagoon side. It's a bit hard to find but is around km 12, just across from the tourist police building. Thai is very nice for the ambience, but it is a little expensive for the portions you get.

    Sorry I can't recommend more places but we typically eat downtown...most of my knowledge comes from places my husband has worked.For fine Italian dining, I'd say Cenacolo...I suppose many don't go to Mexico for Italian food, but many Italian places in Cancun import their chefs and many of their products from Italy.

    As far as really good Mexican, you'll have to go downtown for that, which I do understand you prefer not to do! The couple of Mexican places that I would mention in the Hotel Zone are a)probably fancier than they need to be and b)nothing absolutely amazing.

    After hitting "post" I read a couple of good suggestions for nice places in the Hotel Zone on this board...check those out! I suppose I should have kept my trap shut as I am really only an expert on good, cheap tacos, which are not easy to find in the Hotel Zone! :)

    1. If you can - I'd suggest you cab it downtown and head to La Parilla. Have the pork pastor. Authentic restaurant with a great vibe. Save the hotel zone for the beach - drinks - sun. Head downtown to eat.

      1. Captain's Cove has great breakfasts. Pretty much all the restaurants in all the hotels will have fairly good food.

        1. If you are still in Cancun, you must head to Peter's Restaurant, @ the foot of the hotel zone, before el Centro, a few hundred yards north(right) on Bonampok, just off of Kukulcan. It's on the left, so you will have to go past it to the "retorno". I've been vacationing in Cancun since the 70's, this place is fairly new, small, and severely underpriced for the fine dining experience you will have. Don't be surprised when Peter and his wife, Claudia, come to your table to learn what you prefer, and to make you feel like special guests. Local, Seafood, fine meats, and international fare, all prepared with care for you, by this wonderful chef. Go now, while you can still get a table! You won't be disappointed.

          1. Thanks all for the recommendations. Unfortunately, time did not permit us to do much beyond the hotel zone. Long days on the amazing beach kept us from having big nights out. But I will say you were all correct, everything in the hotel zone is subpar at best.

            We did have a lovely dinner at Harry's Steakhouse. The restaurant is gorgeous, and service was top notch. VERY expensive, but a lovely evening nontheless.