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Pea Soup Anderson's in Carlsbad Ca

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Just heard that the Pea Soup Andersons in CARLSBAD IS CLOSED. aNYONE KNOW IF THE ONE IN Buellton near Solvang is still there?

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  1. According to this, yes:


    I'd call first.

    Interestingly, no mention of the location in Santa Nella/Gustine/Los Banos, CA, up along I-5. Must be different ownership.

    This should probably be in either the CA or Chains board.

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      The Santa Nella location is still there. I actually ate there for the first time a few months ago (I was tired, wanted to be waited on, and wasn't in a rush to get home). Pea soup--good, not great, and had a decent roasted vegetable sandwich. Customers were mostly elderly folk, I was the youngest person there and I'm no spring chicken. It wasn't very busy, and the "gift shop" was interesting....not. I wouldn't stop there again.

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        When I was a little, little, kid decades ago we amused ourselves on our trip down Highway 101 with the road signs showing how many miles to see Hap-pea and Split-pea in Buellton. They were the California equivalent of Burma Shave signs. Agree, not a good product which is a shame. You would think after all these decades they could have gotten it right. It is a Lawrence Welk sort of place.

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          I did the same thing on 101, when I first moved to LA. After 34 years living in CA, I finally realized I HAD to stop, especially since I'm driving down 5 pmore often now. Once bitten, twice shy. Too bad I waited so long, I'm sure it was much better all those years ago. Maybe the canned stuff is better but I don't need to waste any more money, I'll stick with my usual brand since I don't cook pea soup from scratch.

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            FTR, it's Hap-pea and Pea-wee.

      2. It's definitely still there, just drove by it this past weekend.

        1. We live in the Santa Ynez Valley, and enjoy going to Pea Soup Andersons at least 6 times a year. While I don't order the pea soup- I have family that loves the 1/2 sandwich & soup combo- especially when adding the sides- shredded cheddar/green onion/ham etc. When traveling to family in the Tahoe area- we use the Santa Nella location as our lunch stop and always enjoy....

          Pea Soup makes the best Cobb Salad with caper vinegrette!

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            Thanks for the menu suggestions and that Cobb Salad just might be worth the drive.