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What to do with dry curd cottage cheese?

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I grabbed a large tub of this by accident and its kind of weird to eat plain. Are there any healthiesh recipes that use it?

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  1. You could use it in a lasagna

    1. I use it interchangeably with dry ricotta cheese or farmer's cheese in recipes calling for these three or in meals I pull together for my own breakfast or lunch. The last time I used dry curd cottage cheese was in a puff pastry with guava jam.

      But I really enjoy it on toast with honey drizzle or a sliced tomato.

      1. It worked well when we tested it in this noodle-less zucchini lasagna here at CHOW.com http://www.chow.com/recipes/30280-noo...

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          Sounds good. Do the curds remain visible in the finished product or do they melt into it?

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            It melts into the finished product, no weird lumps!

        2. Is this the kind that the curds are not discernible? It's mostly just smooth? Long ago I used to get one called Bakers' Dry Cottage Cheese (have not seen it in ages)---it was meant for all baking purposes. I used to put it in the blender (this was pre-Cuisianart) with sugar, an egg, and grated lemon rind to make a wonderful filling for whatever pastry. If that's the kind you are talking about please disclose the brand name so I can contact them. I would love to be able to get some.

          1. My Mennonite grandmother used to use dry cottage cheese to make Warenki - a mennonite version of pirogi.
            You could also make cheese bread with it - maybe add some celery seeds for flavor.

            1. Blintzes! Holy crap, is it perfect for homemade blintzes!

              1. Is this like bakers' dry cottage cheese? Pretty smooth, not curdy? First thing you do with it is stop off at the nearest cathedral and give thanks that you have it because I can no longer find it in Chicago---I thought it was extinct. It's just the thing for making cheese filling for pastry---put it through food processor or blender with an egg, some lemon rind, some sugar.