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Apr 27, 2012 10:32 AM

What to do with dry curd cottage cheese?

I grabbed a large tub of this by accident and its kind of weird to eat plain. Are there any healthiesh recipes that use it?

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  1. You could use it in a lasagna

    1. I use it interchangeably with dry ricotta cheese or farmer's cheese in recipes calling for these three or in meals I pull together for my own breakfast or lunch. The last time I used dry curd cottage cheese was in a puff pastry with guava jam.

      But I really enjoy it on toast with honey drizzle or a sliced tomato.

      1. It worked well when we tested it in this noodle-less zucchini lasagna here at

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          Sounds good. Do the curds remain visible in the finished product or do they melt into it?

          1. re: waver

            It melts into the finished product, no weird lumps!

        2. Is this the kind that the curds are not discernible? It's mostly just smooth? Long ago I used to get one called Bakers' Dry Cottage Cheese (have not seen it in ages)---it was meant for all baking purposes. I used to put it in the blender (this was pre-Cuisianart) with sugar, an egg, and grated lemon rind to make a wonderful filling for whatever pastry. If that's the kind you are talking about please disclose the brand name so I can contact them. I would love to be able to get some.

          1. My Mennonite grandmother used to use dry cottage cheese to make Warenki - a mennonite version of pirogi.
            You could also make cheese bread with it - maybe add some celery seeds for flavor.