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Apr 27, 2012 10:28 AM

District - Oakland

Second branch of the SF wine bar opens at 4pm today at 827 Washington (formerly Ratto's, most recently Levende East).

Dollar oysters 4-6 weekdays, 5-7 Saturdays.

Kitchen open 5-10:30 Mon.-Wed., 5-midnight Thurs.-Sat.

Full bar including 40 whiskies.

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  1. district eatery opened 10 minutes late: training regarding menu cited.

    tried to order oysters at 4:10 at the bar. was informed kitchen not open till 5:30

    no bar specials at all during happy hour. only appetitizers and happy hour. oyster available.

    -catch: kitchen isn't open......thus no oysters, no appetizers

    thanx for the headsup robert.

    1. Went last night. Deviled eggs were excellent, nice slice of some sort of pickle and a sour little sprout.. Pinchos of piquillo pepper and white anchovy were good but so tart they wouldn't go with many wines. Charcuterie plate was good and generous for the price.

      The place was not very busy but the kitchen was still super-slow, clearly still working out the kinks.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        We went on Friday night after some beers at the Trappist. Everything in Old Town and Uptown was packed with Art Murmur, but we were able to snag the last table at District. The wine list (wtih the optional flights) is well put together with interesting selections. The food menu was huge. We enjoyed the deviled eggs and ahi tartar. The smoked pork and squash pizza was less successful, as the crust was just too thick. Also go the griddle cake with chorizo, which was fine but not super interesting. Lamb meatballs were great, with a ton of sauce. Overall, liked the food and wine, but might be a place where you need to know what to order due to the length of the menu.

        Incidentally, the music was very loud, which is not typically a complaint of ours. Actually had some ear fatigue the next day, as if we attended a concert. Not that big of a deal for us, but others might be put off.

        1. re: The Dive

          I've generally been happy with the food and drinks: perfect for a large group. However, their "Breakfast of Champions" cocktail (which I tried, but thankfully did not order) is IMO seriously one of the most disgusting cocktails I have ever tried. Description: Housemade bacon infused Four Roses bourbon, maple syrup and egg white. Yuck!

          1. re: MagicMarkR

            Bacon has its rightful place in the culinary world--e.g., between two slices of bread, in a salad, pasta, along side a couple of poached eggs--but there are places it just doesn't belong. Ice cream and cocktails are two such places.

            1. re: MagicMarkR

              I tried infusing Jim Beam with bacon. It made it taste like $40-a-bottle Bourbon.

            2. re: The Dive

              District seems to draw a club crowd on weekend nights. Weeknights it's more of a restaurant / wine bar atmosphere and usually quiet.