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Apr 27, 2012 10:24 AM

Safari on Avenue Road

does anybody have any input on this place ....

A brithday request for Miller Tavern went awry with no bookings being accepted for 30 days ... seems a blessing given the reviews.

Made reservations for Safari bar and grill no problem even with group size ...
Should I have reservations about my reservations?

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  1. I've only eaten there once and it was pretty bad. Sisco quality food.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      uh oh .. that was my reasoning for swaying everybody away from the alternate milestones
      thanks for the warning - I still have time to change!

      1. re: akyra

        Milestones is better than what I had at Safari. :)

        But how about trying Stack, the new place at Yonge and Roslin? It's a big space, and the menu has a bit of something for most eaters.

          1. re: akyra

            Here's a thread on Stack:


            Even though it's touting itself as a smokehouse, BBQ is only one page of their large menu. The space is very nice, the wines are super reasonably priced and it would probably be a fun place for a birthday dinner with a large group.

      2. re: TorontoJo

        I have beers there on the patio from time to time, as it's convenient, usually has Stiegl on tap and has a slightly nicer atmosphere than the chain pub up the street. In that context, nothing wrong with the lamb burger or the odd salad - but I'd agree with the Milestones-is-better comment. Larger groups seem to enjoy the billiards upstairs.

      3. I have been to Safari a couple times and the food was okay. The service there is quite good and very friendly. The menu is pretty basic along with a pretty decent wine menu.

        1. I think that the food at Safari is pretty bad and think it has gotten worse over the past few years (that, or my standards have significantly changed, which is also possible). I used to like to go there to sit on the patio and have some casual food in the nice weather, but had a few really bad experiences (including one where I was served a slimy, inedible salad) and now have very little interest in going back, although I live quite close.

          1. My friend used to work there several years ago and said the food was really good. They used to alot of things fresh, which is why it sold out alot, and alot of locals going there to eat. But looks like they might have gone downhill since then.

            I think it's a good casual spot for drinks, and maybe basic bar food that's hard to go wrong. Upstairs has alot of pool tables, and there is seating section in the corner by the bar/washroom which can seat about 10-12 ppl. Downstairs can get a bit cramped, so depending on your size, it might be an issue. And again, it is smaller so might have a bit more of a stuffy feel.

            So if you're looking into a casual spot for drinks with a decent vibe and not a sit-down formal thing, upstairs is good for that.

            1. I will keep my reservations with reservation for this weekend and try it out although I will stay away from the salad based on the slimy review (thanks for the warning - I always veer towards salad as back up but may try the taco Instead) ...
              Thanks all for the input, I just can not stomach Milestones dry chicken, nasty rice and prepack lettuce which is the only other close to home option the birthday girl chose ..