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Apr 27, 2012 10:10 AM

Crepes in Paris - Little Breizh or Breizh Cafe?

We have all of our meals scheduled for my first trip to Paris (thanks for all of your wonderful information) except for one lunch. My wife and I have discussed it and we would love to eat some of the best crepes in Paris. I am aware there will not be a universally accepted answer to "Who has the best crepes in Paris" so I did some research and it seems that Little Breizh or Breizh Cafe are good choices in this arena. I would love to hear people's thoughts on these two establishments and would also be very open to additional restaurants that offer wonderful crepes.


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  1. I've eaten at and enjoyed Breizh Cafe but I prefer the crepes at Crêperie Josselin (67 rue du Montparnasse) They don't take reservations though so if you go there at a prime meal time you may need to wait a bit in line. They're open from noon until 11 PM with continuous service every day but Monday. Casual, authentic, wonderful. And a really fun neighborhood to stroll around in before or after.

    1. I really liked Little Breizh but have not been to Breizh Cafe. Check Little Breizh's facebook page for when they take reservations as it's not for every meal. We were OK just walking in for an early dinner though.

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        Thanks for the great replies so far! I will start doing my research on Crêperie Josselin and check out Little Breizh Facebook page.