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Apr 27, 2012 10:08 AM

Tofino and Nanoose Bay, Mid June

Spending several days in mid to late June in each of Tofino and Nanoose Bay. Have many good recs for restaurants in each area, but need some for grocers etc as we typicall like to cook dinners with local ingredients, so, any suggestions for grocers, delis, butchers, fishmongers, fromageries, bakeries, seafood from a wharf as the catch comes in, anything local, would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Scary Bill:

    The Co-Op in Tofino is much improved and you can just about get most things you will need there.

    Beaches out on the Highway in what has almost become a gravel/dirt "strip mall" houses a number of spots but the Beaches Grocery there has a surprising number of things from rice and beans to frozen duck breast and whatever mushrooms are "pickable" at that time of the year. I go there almost on a daily basis when we are visiting after Thanksgiving.

    Cannot help with Nanoose Bay as we have never stopped in all the time we have been heading to the coast.

    1. It's about 1/2 hour out of your way but if you are on a weekday a visit to Island Scallops is a great stop. You can buy a box of fresh shucked qualicum scallops or a bag of 5 lb live scallops for a considerable discount of market prices.

      Definitely stop into the Goats on Roof market in Coombes on the way to Tofino. Pete's mountain meats in Port Alberni is worth a stop.

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        1. For Nanoose Bay, think more broadly about the Nanaimo - Parksville area. Nanaimo is big enough to have most of these establishments. Plus it's the center of the more populated east side of the Island. Tofino, on the other hand, is a remote hamlet, at the end of the road, mainly catering to tourists who come to see the wild Pacific coast.

          Since you appear to be from Calgary, I'd compare Nanaimo to Canmore, and Tofino to Jasper.

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            pj, thanks for the perspective, I kind of had the feeling you present after looking at a map. It will be a nice contrast to visit both areas.